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Cricket is not just a game, but a feeling a strong emotion in itself, especially in India. Cricket is considered to be a parallel religion in India, which people follow blindly, and bestow their trust upon. The ultimate joy of watching your team’s great performance, the uncertainties associated with each ball, and getting the result in your favor is also associated with a sheer inexplicable happiness. Many times teams manage to pull a miracle by turning the tables and vice versa viz. lose the match with victory in hand.

The changes in format and the new set of rules being rolled-out periodically are making the game more interesting. Just to stimulate a better interest the game has shrunk from a 5-day feat to three-hour playfulness. Apart from international tests, ODIs, T-20s, the domestic cricket extravaganza IPL is also now organized every year; only strengthening its popularity. The momentum of addiction towards it does not even seem to falter in the future as well. To provide the cricket lovers with a special dose of information pertinent to all aspects of the game at all levels, we have come up with the idea of Cricket Flicker.  

Cricket Flicker is a newly established sports media website exclusively for the game we all live and love, cricket. We pride ourselves on providing an extensive, real-time and insightful editorial coverage of all major tournaments with a feeling of commitment to get the news out to you as quickly and accurately as possible. Cricket Flicker features the latest news articles, other related written content, live scores, and unique videos from all nooks and corners of the world, and even the smallest T10 league, happening somewhere in Europe. The platform also covers all the schedules of the upcoming events and series, information and latest news regarding not just international cricket, but even domestic teams, ofcourse international teams, and teams from various leagues across the globe. Cricketflicker just doesn’t focus on the men’s game, but is equally dedicated to promote women’s cricket, bringing to you latest news, scores and stories from that side.

Cricketflicker.com also gives you an insight into the ICC rankings for batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders from both men’s and women’s cricket, including how teams stack up against each other across various formats of the game. All this is easily and readily accessible, thanks to our user-friendly interface.

With all these enriching details we aim to play a pivotal role in expanding awareness, growing the interest, and protect the future of this fantastic game through thoughtful journalism. The interesting and incisive articles not only provide info to the readers but also help in influencing and challenging the wrong-practices and rectify the process with the influential voice.

High ethics, crystal clear views without manipulation, and a theme of positivity in all spheres towards all are the core values here.

Cricket Flicker is an ultimate cricket resource covering all the major competitions and the county cricket. Get the live score update and incisive views on everything at cricketflicker.com.