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Cricket Bat Types & How to choose the Right One for You

Cricket Bat Types & How to choose the Right One for You

Understanding the game of cricket is not possible without learning about the equipment used in it.  The role of a bat & a ball is crucial in cricket & an in-depth understanding of these two components will help an individual to develop the skills required as a professional cricketer. In our previous write-up, we had a sneak peek into the types of cricket balls & how to choose the right one for ourselves. And today we will shed light on types of cricket bats & how to pick the one which suits your need & batting style. A bat is not a stick it’s a top weapon in a batter’s arsenal. So without wasting time let’s understand more about cricket bat types & factors to keep in mind to choose the right one.

Types of Cricket Bat:

Cricket bats are classified into two types based on the raw material (willows) they have been manufactured with. Depending on the willows used there are two types of bats, English willow & Kashmir willow cricket bats.

  1. Kashmir Willow Cricket bat:

Just as the name depicts Kashmir willow cricket bats are made up of Kashmiri woods. The weight of the Kashmir willow bat is more than the English willow bat due to the raw materials used in it. Thus often high-end professional & renowned cricketers of World cricket choose the English Willow Cricket bat over the Kashmir Willow bat. The grains (the age of the wood used in a bat) in Kashmiri willow are more embedded while the point of contact of the bat is less effective. But the Kashmiri willow bat is less expensive than the English willow bat which makes it reliable for beginners & cricketers who are playing junior-level cricket. Spartan MS Dhoni’s edition & SG Scorer are one of the best Kashmir Willow Cricket bats available in the market. The price of a Kashmir willow bat ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 3500 depending on the quality of the bat.

2) English Willow Cricket Bat:

English Willow Cricket bats are widely used in the International arena. They are made in England from foreign raw materials & have a point of contact more powerful than the Kashmir Willow Bat. The moisture content & the weight of the English willow cricket bat is less as compared to the Indian Kashmir willow bat. Durability, reliability & effectiveness in playing powerful shots makes English willow bats preferable then Kashmir Willow bat. Some renowned names of World Cricket such as Virat Kohli, Alastair Cook, Steve Smith, and Joe Root go for English Willow Cricket bats. They come under five grades of 1-5 with the highest Grade 1 being the best quality while 5 being the lowest quality. The price of English willow bats ranges from 3500 to 55,000 depending on their grade, weight & quality.

Kookaburra Kahuna, MRF Genius Chase Master which is the replica of Legend Virat Kohli’s bat, Gunn & Moore, MillChamp & hall The Original are some of the best English Willow cricket bats available in the market.

How to Choose The Right Cricket Bat?

As of now, you might be clear about the types of cricket bats & what are their distinctive features. So moving ahead we will go through different factors to keep in mind while selecting a cricket bat that will help to improve your game & strengthen your skills as a cricketer:

  1. Size

Most of the people are of the mindset that a large cricket bat will help you to play your game more efficiently. But this point of view is not right. If you are of small height then handling a large handle bat will become difficult for you, similarly, if you are tall then going for a short bat will not fulfill your purpose. The ideal way of choosing the right size bat is to compare it with your height. If your height is around 5’3 or 5’5 then a bat of size 6 would be ideal for you while people with a height of 6 feet should go for a Long Handle (LH) size 15+ bat.

2) Weight

Besides size, the weight of the cricket bat also plays an integral role to help you pick the right one for you. Though heavy bats are durable it’s difficult for players to swing them easily & hit huge shots. On the contrary light bats are convenient to handle, need less strength to play huge shots & are preferred by batters who love to play sweep & pull shots. But there are certain people who find lightweight bats are less effective & deteriorate easily. However, depending on players batting style & physique, they should choose a bat. Speedy & short players will find light bat ideal for them while tall & healthy people could go for heavy bats.

3) Batting Styles & Willow Grades:

For choosing the right cricket bat it’s essential for a player to know more about their batting style. If you are a beginner & want to play shots along the floor then a heavy Kashmiri willow bat is ideal for you. On the other hand, if you love to play sweep & pull shots then a light bat with a high point of contact is perfect for you. English willow bats are light in weight, reliable & can provide exposure to the International arena.

Also English willow cricket bats come in the grade range of 1-5. A high grade indicates high quality & vice-versa. The higher the grade, the higher the price & quality while the lower the grade the lower the price & quality. So if you are at a beginner level & just want to try out whether things work for you then you can go for low-grade English willow bat however if you aim of playing at International level just like Kohli & Tendulkar then you should go for high-grade English willow cricket bats. Consider your batting style, budget & skill level as a player while selecting a bat for you.

These are the major factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a bat for you. Remember that choosing the right cricket bat is important if you want to hone your skills & groom yourself into a professional cricketer.

So as you have understood types of cricket bats & their dynamics share with us which type are you planning to buy & why?

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Cricket Bat Types & How to choose the Right One for You
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