“It need not to be sugar sugar sugar all the time”, but Cricket fans will not mind little honey honey honey every time!


Few days back before leaving for New Zealand for test match, India’s rocking coach Ravi Shastri spoke about team India, how it emerged to be one of the strongest team of the decade & India’s quest for an elusive ICC trophy. About a month ago, in an exclusive event at Mumbai, India’s coach Ravi Shastri had shared his views about leadership & praised the volatile nature of the sport. Talking about the disheartening loss in the World Cup Semi-finals, Mr. Shastri said, “After the match got over, for few hours there was a deafening silence in the dressing room as everyone was upset with the defeat in Semi-finals but when we went out there were hundreds of people who praised our hardwork by saying “Never mind, Well done guys”, instead of saying the other way round, this is the beauty of cricket. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, you don’t want it to be sugar sugar and sugar all the time”.

India swept T20s but they got wiped in the 50 overs business. Throwing light on the leadership qualities at a talk organized by Industrialist Gautam Singhania, Shastri said, “ The one thing this incredible team is lacking is an ICC title. “We have three cracks at it- The World Test Championship and the two T20 World Cups (2020& 2021) if they do that this team will surely emerge as one of the greatest teams of the century. A team which has gone everywhere & won everything and then a big one as well”, remarked Mr Shastri”. Nowadays Shastri’s image has transferred from “Champions of Champions to meme of memes!” thanks to our current generation for whom passion & winning is more crucial then steady progression towards success. Memes creators doesn’t let facts to come in the way of good comedy, But no one can ignore the sportsmanship & excellent guidance of Coach Shastri whose mantra towards success is “Gire to bhi taang Upar”. No doubt that the youth’s sensation Virat Kohli will remain the boss but the focused & innovative training techniques of coach Shastri makes him one of the key figures in India’s Campaigns till his tenure ends late next year.

Further saying about the relationship the team members share with each other and the importance of staying fit in this sport Shastri remarked, “Sometimes an ego clash & the urge of being the best is good as the thought of getting 200 if other gets 220 is beneficial for the team because in the end the score board of the team gets increased but it shouldn’t go out of control because it can disrupt team’s unity”. Further he said that the one thing that cricket teaches us is that, “A captain is not always a hero he make heroes”.

Remarking over Kohli’s temperament & his leadership quality Shastri said, “Of course tempers fly, but over the years Kohli has settled beautifully in the team as well as in the sport, the way he handles captaincy, media, success and failure, a great sense of maturity can be seen in Kohli”. It is helpful when captain and the coach has a similar mindset, we both are aggressive, we like to win & we look in the eye of the opponent. Virat reminds me of Imran Khan, former Pakistan Captain. He is the face & fear of the opponent. If he is sitting here or in the stadium he will be absolutely normal but when he wears those cricket pads & crosses the boundary line he is like a pitbull”, exclaimed Shastri.

“Play according to your strengths despite of obsessing over opponent’s strength”, is one of the best mantra of Shastri which is reflected in Team India’s game strategy. “I have seen a lot of teams and some of our teams in the past worrying about opposition’s strength such as Michael Holding or Imran Khan is a great player, We know they are great but you have to think & work on your strengths to combat them instead of stressing over their capability, remarked shastri!”

Currently Team India is playing test matches in New Zealand and Indian fans will not mind some honey honey honey in place of some sugar sugar sugar!


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