Eoin Morgan & Jos Buttler under ECB’s Investigation for alleged Racist Tweets


England’s limited-overs Captain Eoin Morgan & wicket-keeper batsman Jos Buttler are under ECB’s investigation after their alleged racist tweets particularly mocking Indians got circulated over social media.

The ECB has promised to take “relevant and appropriate action”, by ensuring that each case will be considered & investigate on an individual basis. The tweets in which Buttler & Morgan used the term’ sir’ to mock the Indian, have started doing rounds on social media after the suspension of pacer Ollie Robinson for writing offensive tweets back in 2012-2013.

“Screenshots have also been shared of a message by Buttler in which he says “I always reply sir no1 else like me like you like me’ and, separately, Morgan includes Buttler in a message which says, “Sir you’re my favorite batsman”, according to a report in the Telegraph.co.uk.

Both Eoin Morgan & Jos Buttler have recently featured in the IPL 2021 for Rajasthan Royals & Kolkata Knight Riders team. “Although there are questions over the precise context of the tweets, they were written at a time when Buttler and Morgan have established England players and have caused offense on social media,” the report added. The ECB further stated that the matter will be deal with, in an appropriate manner.

“Since we were alerted to offensive tweets last week, a number of historical social media posts by other individuals have been questioned publicly as well,” an ECB spokesperson said on Tuesday.

“There is no place for discrimination in our sport, and we are committed to taking relevant and appropriate action where required. Given the concerns which have been raised are clearly now broader than a single case, the ECB Board will discuss how we deal with issues over historical social media material in a timely and appropriate manner”, added ECB spokesperson in its statement.

Meanwhile, a homophobic tweet dating to 2010 from pacer James Anderson has emerged & is doing round on social media. Speaking about the same, Anderson told to media, “It’s 10-11 years ago, I’ve certainly changed as a person. And I think that’s the difficulty, things do change, you do make mistakes“. James Anderson further said that the entire England squad is anxious about what could come out in the next moment.

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