Cricket vs Football: Which one is more Interesting?


Cricket vs Football: Which one is more Interesting?

Cricket vs Football, which sport is more Interesting? This single question has often become a point of discussion during lunch breaks, family gatherings & coffee dates. However, there comes no fruitful outcome of this debate as football lovers as usual think that no sport on the earth is worthy than football. While cric-fans will remove their pen & paper to list down the points which proves that Cricket is far more entertaining than football.

There are several write-ups on search engines that gives plenty of reasons to take this Cricket vs Football debate in football’s favor. But in this write-up, we will put forth some arguments that will prove that indeed Cricket is better than football. Let’s have a look at the points that will change your perspective toward both Cricket & Football.

Cricket vs Football: Which one is more Interesting? The Answer Decoded!

1. More duration, Guaranteed Entertainment:

A Football match is just 90 mins while even the shortest format of cricket, i.e. T20I format is longer than that. So when the game time is more, entertainment is also 10 times more. Imagine yourself jumping on the couch when a player hits a four or a six & then the power-hitter getting dismissed in the very next ball, changing the momentum of the game in the opponent’s favor. Such adrenaline pumping can be felt only in cricket & nowhere else. Not to forget thrilling replays in cricket which could actually save or end the stint of a batter on the field! Have you ever experienced such thrills & frequent game-changing moments in football? I am sure you haven’t any!

2. Draws & No Results a less Occurrence in Cricket

When Cricket vs Football is talked about, this point automatically drags the debate in Cricket’s favor. More than 25% of football matches end in a draw while 8% of them end without any goals being made. Fans watching 90 minutes football match & the match ends without even a single goal being made, what a sheer level of disappointment it would be! But such heart-breaks don’t occur frequently in cricket as a fan gets treated with sixes & fours, run-outs & catches even if the match ends in a draw. Moreover, draws & No results occurs once in blue moon on the cricket field. So there is no room for heartbreaks & disappointments here!

3. Cricket vs Football: Faking an injury is a big NO in cricket

Players suffering an injury during cricket matches is a matter of concern for both players & their respective teams as it forces a player to stay out of action until recovered. But in football, players purposely fake injuries to get the attention of referees in order to avail a free-kick or get the opponents a red or yellow card. Players make minor leg injuries look like serious ones & get a free kick from the referee, later after a few minutes that same player runs around the pitch as if he never got injured. Such deceptiveness is not prevalent in Cricket as players indulge & believe in fair gameplay. This is why Cricket is truly a ‘gentlemen’s game’.

4. Technological Advancement is always on Top in Cricket:

Cricket adopts newer technologies to provide the best possible experience to its viewers. Whether you are watching cricket on a mobile, tablet, TV, or laptop, you get to watch the entire game from different angles. But this is never the case when it comes to football, as you could see the entire game from one single camera angle unless it’s a goal or penalty. This makes a viewer’s experience stagnant & doesn’t provide them the fun & thrill they are looking for. Also, DRS in cricket ensures fair results even if the umpire mistakenly gives a wrong decision. Such a fair review system is missing in football which often results in blatant mistakes in umpiring.

5. Commentary is the king in Cricket:

In the Cricket vs Football debate, commentary forms one crucial element in our argument, which naturally drags the debate in ‘cricket’s favor’. Have you ever concentrated on commentary in Football? If yes then you would relate to what we are talking about. Football commentary sums up in these words, “Lionel Messi to Xavi, Xavi to Messi & it’s a goal’. So basic commentary without any analysis of the shot, the passage of the ball, or the direction in which the goal was positioned, nothing is communicated. In one word we will call it, ‘Boring’.

But in Cricket the commentary is a punch of technical analysis & fun-filled puns which makes it more compelling. Cricket fans actually look forward to hearing cricket commentary while watching the fixtures. Whether the commentary is in English, “Virat’s sixer over deep-wicket is India’s ultimate fixer,” or it’s in Hindi, “Mahi ke balle ne ki run ki barish”, it never fails to get Cric-fans glued to their devices during fixtures. Can you recollect some famous commentary lines from any cricket fixture? If yes then share with us below in the comment section!

6. Skills over Physique are always a Yes in cricket

In cricket, much importance is given to Skills over physique. It’s not compulsory to have a slim body in cricket unless a player is on-point with his skills. For instance, Rohit Sharma, and Sachin Tendulkar are not slim-bodied players but they are one of the top players in World Cricket. It’s all because their skills have been given more importance than their body size. This is not the case in football, the players in football have to modify their genes to become eligible for playing. For instance, Messi got himself genetically modified to grow taller when he joined Barca. Such modifications to the body are not in the template of cricket, making it more favorable than Football.

7. Different formats for Different Tastes of Fans:

Cricket, has something in store for fans with different tastes & preferences. If someone favors adrenaline rush & wants to see quick results, they can switch to the T20I format of cricket. While if someone prefers to watch long-duration fixtures whereby they can decode & analyze the performances of individual players then they can opt for ODI & Test format. But these versions & variations are not available in Football as fans can only watch a single 90 minutes match, no matter what. Isn’t it enough to take the Cricket vs Football debate in cricket’s favor?

8. Cricket vs Football: Life & Death are never a case in Cricket

Rivalry in Cricket & football is not unknown to people but in Cricket these rivalries haven’t turned fatal for fans. However, in football, death or injury to fans due to team rivalries is a common thing. Often lethal fights have occurred in stadiums even before a football match had begun, causing the lives of several people while leaving others brutally injured. Such bloodshed is not anytime a case in Cricket! Even during cricket’s biggest rivalry fixtures such as IND vs PAK, fans indulge in a war of words. Sometimes they end up breaking their TV sets but never did any Indian or Pakistani fan break each others heads or noses in the stands! This makes not only cricket but also its fans a ‘gentleman’.

So all the die-hard Soccer fans now what’s your take on Cricket vs football debate? We are pretty sure that after reading these arguments your mind will turn in favor of cricket. And a big shout-out to all cric-fans! if next time you end up having a debate with any football lover then try to strengthen your argument by using these points. If you have more points of distinction then share them with us in the comments section below. Let the comments flow in!

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