Top 6 best sports websites in Vietnam

Sports Websites in Vietnam

When we talk about Vietnam, hardly any sports come across our mind. But this doesn’t mean that Vietnam doesn’t have a sports-loving population. Vietnam is a culturally rich country with a large segment of the society having a deep interest in myriad sports, especially football.

Vietnamese have a keen interest & passion for football. Not only just playing football but people here love to watch football & like to keep themselves updated with the happenings in the Soccer World. Since their V-League was formed in 1980 the reputation and popularity of football have grown at quite an alarming rate. There are now four tiers to the men’s game with a separate women’s soccer league too.

Along with football the other sports such as Basketball & Badminton are also largely followed by the Vietnamese people. A ‘sports loving’ nation like Vietnam always looks for websites that could offer them reliable information on the sport of their choice. To provide people with the latest updates & news of their favorite sports, various sports websites have come into existence in Vietnam. So we have jotted down the top 6 sports websites in Vietnam that are the best in the industry & which can provide you with accurate information on various sports in Vietnam

1. TinBong247

For all those crazy soccer fans who always want to keep themselves updated with football news and score (tin nhanh bóng đá) of both the National & International arena, TinBong247 is an ideal choice for you. Breaking News on Champions League, Team Reviews & Upcoming matches updates of Vietnam football team, Match Reports of various leagues happening across the globe, this spectacular website has every facet of the football world on its menu. This site also offers its readers with latest football rankings, trending news of the biggest leagues on the planet like the English Premier League, Spain, Germany, France, Italy & much more under one roof. To give its readers insights into the International football matches & leagues they regularly upload Video reports on their portal. So keep yourself upgraded with the latest happenings of the soccer world by subscribing to Tibong247.

2. TIN90min

One of the most accurate & reliable sources of information of the Football World, TIN90min treat you with live football scores (tỷ số bóng đá trực tuyến) online within a span of seconds. TIN90min brings for you commentaries of the football matches by renowned experts which you will not get anywhere else. Its ability to provide its readers with a complete schedule of premier & international leagues, insights of Vietnam’s football team, latest updates & information about player’s transfers & completely accurate league updated football rankings make this site unique from other sports portals. If you want to get hands-on 24 hrs updated football rankings of different leagues happening across the World then TIN90min is the only website you should think of visiting.

3. Oppathethao

Equipped you with the fastest & latest football news (tin tức bóng đá mới nhất) updated on a minute-to-minute basis at oppathethao. This site specializes in providing its users with the latest football scores of today, tomorrow, tonight, tomorrow morning, in the most accurate & fastest way. Oppathethao provides detailed team reviews, hottest domestic & international fixture updates, expert comments on player’s performance & much more. This site boasts of providing the quickest & instant updates on scores, player’s performances, match results of the ongoing fixtures in less than nanoseconds. If you are an ardent follower of soccer & are always keen on getting online scores & developments of various mega leagues such as Champion League, Premier League, Vietnamese League, Europa League then you cannot miss checking the Live Score & Schedule Section on Oppathethao site. Pre-match reviews along with post-match results will help you to get an overview of the strengths & performances of National & International teams participating in a particular tournament. Site: 

4. Fanbong

If you are a Football fan who has a great passion for the round ball & want to get real-time information & news about various leagues & matches around the globe then Fanbong should be your first preference. Fanbong provides its fans with the latest football news, match schedules, soccer online results (kết quả bóng đá trực tuyến hôm nay) of today’s & yesterday’s football match, latest rankings update in football rankings list, at daily basis. Fanbong is committed to providing its readers with accurate & trustworthy information & updates on the Football world. The expert panel reviews on player’s performances provide you an in-depth understanding of ongoing football matches. Fanbong updates its site with Videos that provide trending news about football in Vietnam & around the world in an interesting eye-catchy format. The staff at Fanbong is committed to providing you a seamless experience when you are viewing this website

5. Vuatintuc

When popular sports sites of Vietnam are talked about, Vuatintuc grabs a sure-shot spot in the list. This website will not let you miss the happenings of your favorite football matches as it treats you with live soccer results (kết quả bóng đá trực tiếp) of the various tournaments happening around the world at moment. You can easily check & keep yourself updated with real-time live scores, leagues schedule, Points Rankings table, and highlights of past matches & predictions of the upcoming matches all together at the Vuatintic website. This site aims at providing its users with trending news & information about the World’s mega competitions such as the English Premier League, Spanish National Championship, Italy, Germany, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Vietnamese league & much more at just one click. Whether it’s National football news or International football fixture updates, Vuatintuc never fails to pamper its readers with exclusive news regularly. If you are the number one follower of soccer, surely you will not be able to ignore this reliable website.

6.  Xemtructiep

 Xemtructiep is an extremely popular Vietnamese football site that shows you Instant football highlights, scores, fixtures schedules, gives you an inside scoop of what’s going on in the football world, and makes you feel like you are a part of it. It has been rated among the top 10 sports sites in Vietnam for 5 years in a row.

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