Top 6 Most Popular Sports Websites in Indonesia

top 6 most popular sports websites in Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia has a rich sporting environment. Indonesians love & passion for sports is not hidden from the World. Sports is eminent in every Indonesian’s life & thus Indonesians are sports enthusiastic since the 1960s.

Badminton & Football are unarguably the most popular sports in Indonesia. Indonesia has taken home many Olympics Gold Medals since 1992 & is the country with die-hard sports enthusiasts. Badminton is the name that is synonymous with Indonesia. Indonesia has participated in & won myriad Badminton competitions such as Sudirman Cup, Thomas Cup, and Uber Cup.

There is no question about Indonesia’s success in Badminton, but we cannot ignore soccer’s craze in Indonesia. Along with badminton, Football is another sport that is zealously followed in Indonesia. It is the first Asian country to ever qualify for the FIFA World Cup (1938). The Indonesian national football team has also taken home the bronze medal in the 1958 Asian Games. People in Indonesia have a high interest in football. They not only prefer playing football but love to watch it & get its updates daily.  

Other sports which are quite popular In Indonesia are Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, hockey & boxing. Indonesians’ love & interest in different sports rightly make them the major ‘sports enthusiastic’ country in the world. Indonesians not only pursue sports but they breathe it, by inculcating sports in their everyday routine.

Whether playing a regional match or getting the updates of an ongoing match by merely watching it, Indonesians never forget to stay connected with their favorite sport in either way. In the country which actually ‘breathes’ sports, several sports websites need to cater to the needs of such a great ‘sport-loving nation’.

Various sports websites in Indonesia cater to the ever-growing needs of this sports enthusiastic nation by providing them with the latest updates, live scores of favorite games, news on players, and so much more.

Let’s have a close look at the top 6 most popular Sports Websites in Indonesia, which captures the interest of the Indonesian people:

1. Bolakiki:

Are you an ardent fan of Indonesian football leagues & want to get your hands on all the latest national & football news? If yes! Then Bolakiki is the best choice for you. Grab all the trending information on major leagues played across the globe along with the latest Football Predictions (Prediksi Bola), Live Match Scores, Upcoming Matches & leagues Schedules, Match Results, Points Table Updates, Ongoing league Highlights all together at one stop at Bolakiki. This site keeps you updated by providing the news & updates of your very own Indonesian League along with Europa Leagues, Italian League, German League, Spanish League, Premier League so that you don’t miss out on any league updates & developments. It not only provides you with the latest football news but also keeps you entertained by sharing trending videos of ongoing matches & leagues in the ‘Highlight’ section of the site

So why wander here & there? Just get all the latest news & updates of the soccer world at Bolakiki. Not to miss, the site is currently treating its fans with news & updates on the upcoming EURO 2020.

2. Kompasbola:

Are you a football lover who wants to get trending soccer news (Berita Bola) from match highlights to Match Predictions directly on your newsfeed? If yes, then Kompasbola is here in your service. One of the best Sports sites in Indonesia, Kompasbola promises you to offer the latest news & developments of the football world in an easy-to-read format. Right from upcoming match Predictions to the Schedule of Indonesian & International Leagues, Kompasbola offers you ‘everything at any time. Just subscribe to Kompasbol to get all the latest football news, Match Predictions, Match Reports, Highlights of your favorite team’s match, Indonesian & International leagues schedules & updates, Live match Scores right in your notification feed! 

If you want to watch trending videos of soccer matches or your favorite player’s interview you can easily access it in the ‘match Highlights’ section on the site. Don’t waste even a single minute & just subscribe to Kompasbola for all the buzzing National & International Football news & updates.

3. Tribunbola:

A piece of good news for all the football lovers in Indonesia. Now you can easily access ongoing as well as upcoming leagues news in an easy-to-read user-friendly format only at Tribunbola. 

The specialty of this website is that it offers you not only upcoming match news but also keeps you updated with Today’s football news (Berita Bola Hari Ini). Just visit Tribunbola & catch up with the latest match updates, previous match reports, Indonesian & International leagues news, EURO 2020 Schedule, Match predictions of tomorrow & day after tomorrow matches & live scores of ongoing matches all together at one single website. It offers you the information in an attention-grabbing format thereby breaking the clutches of technical news format. Whether it’s today’s football match updates, Upcoming Match Predictions, or Highlights of yesterday’s match you can access all the information together in a hassle-free manner. We promise you will not regret subscribing to this spectacular website which offers past, present & future soccer news right with one click to its readers.

4. Lipuntabola:

Riding on the back of trending football news (Berita Sepak Bola) Lipuntabola is one of the most popular sports websites in Indonesia which offers you buzzing news of the Soccer Industry. Whether it’s News about the upcoming football match or updates about any player’s interview, Lipuntabola provides you with each & every piece of information about the football world. So if you want to catch up with ‘what Ronaldo said for EURO 2020-2021’ or what’s new in Barcelona’s team, every insider’s news & information of the soccer world is available at Lipuntabola. If you are a fan who always craves every detail of the soccer world, then this is the perfect choice for you. Right from knowing whether your favorite football player will feature in league matches or prediction of the Indonesian team’s upcoming fixtures, you will get every minute of the football world’s news & updates at Lipuntabola. Currently, the website is offering its readers with latest news & updates on EURO 2020-2021 which you would surely like to read & follow.

5. BolaBola:

Undoubtedly one of the best sports websites in Indonesia, BolaBola offers its readers fresh updates & information on football. Along with next day’s match updates & match previews, this website provides tonight’s football match predictions (Prediksi Bola Malam Ini) which helps you to get an overview of today’s match along with information on players to watch out for, & updates about the venue of the match. So if you want to know the key points of upcoming fixtures or the full schedule of Indonesian & International leagues then BolaBola is the best option for you. This site also provides you an insight into team Rankings on the Points Table, so now, you can easily find out which team is ranked on top while which team lags.

Bookmark the BolaBola website on your browser to stay updated with information on upcoming leagues, fixtures, player’s interviews, latest football match predictions & live scores of ongoing matches. Your one-stop solution for every news of the soccer industry.

6. Tempobola

Tempobola is an All Round online portal for All kinds of football news and updates(Berita Bola Terbaru). It gives Football insights like league rivalry news, also including players’ Injury updates fitness updates, etc. It never misses any soccer predictions or matches of football clubs and Football Leagues.

If you are from Indonesia, we suggest you follow and subscribe to these best soccer websites to stay updated in the Indonesian language. 

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