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Different Types of Cricket Shots Explained| Best 10 Cricket Shots

Different Types of Cricket Shots Explained| Best 10 Cricket Shots

In Cricket, batters play a crucial role in the success of a team. However, in order to become successful batters, they need to choose their shots effectively. There are different types of cricket shots available & a batter chooses the ideal one as per the line & length of deliveries. Whether it’s Virat Kohli’s cover-drive shot or MS Dhoni’s Helicopter shot every shot has a unique technique & needs to be timed perfectly. So let’s explore different types of orthodox as well as innovative cricket shots & how they are played with the right technique to get the best results:

Different Types of Cricket Shots Explained:

  1. Defensive Cricket Shots:

Among different types of cricket shots, defensive shots come in the much-practiced category. Defensive shots as the name suggests are played when the batter chooses to defend a ball instead of attacking it. They are classified into front-foot & back-foot defensive shots. A batter chooses the type of defense shot according to the nature & length of the delivery.

a) Front foot Defensive Shots:

The front foot defense shot is mostly played when the delivery bowled is of good length & is on the line of the stumps. This type of defense shot is mostly used in Test Cricket. When a batter leans forward on his front foot to block a good delivery, it is called a front-foot defensive shot.

b) Back Foot Defensive Shots:

As the name suggests in the back foot defense shot the batter leans backward, stands tall & blocks a good length delivery. It is mostly played when the ball is of short length delivered on the body line. Just like forward defense, backfoot defense shots are used in Test cricket. A batter uses these defensive cricket shots when they aim to save their wicket at any cost.

2) Drive Cricket Shots:

Drive Cricket shots are straight batted shots that are played by swinging the bat in the vertical arc direction. When different types of cricket shots are talked about Drive shots are the sure shot in the list.

a) Straight Drive:

It is one of the most widely practiced cricket shots. The straight drive shot is usually played when the delivery is of good length & is around the middle or off-stump. When a batter plays a straight drive he leans forward on his front foot & keeps his bat straight toward the bowler while striking the ball with his elbow raised high. The shot in a straight drive always goes in the sight-screen direction. Legendary Cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar & Virat Kohli are ardent users of straight drive shots.

How to Play Straight drive cricket shots:

Video source: Sikhana English

b) On-Drive:

The on-drive shot is played toward the mid-on or long-on fielding position. This type of shot is played on the front foot on a full-length delivery bowled towards the leg-stump position. Batters use on-drive shots to pick singles towards the long-on region when they are facing spin balls. Among different types of cricket shots, the On-drive shot is a favorite weapon in batters’ arsenal when they try to adopt an aggressive approach.

c) Off-Drive:

Just as straight drive off-drive too is played in the direction of the mid-off & long-off fielding position. In an Off-drive cricket shot also batter keeps the face of his bat straight toward the bowler. Off-drives are played on fuller delivery which is directed at the off-stump. The batter has to play this shot carefully as mistiming or swinging can land you in great trouble.

How to Play off-drive cricket shots

d) Cover drive:

Among different types of cricket shots, batters favorite & go-to-shot is the cover-drive shot. The cover drive is a shot that is played in the direction of the cover region of the field. The shot is played on fuller deliveries that are around off-stumps. It is played just like off-drive shots, but here the front foot needs to be brought forward & bat is always directed over the cover area. Virat Kohli & Sachin Tendulkar executes cover-drive shots beautifully & are known as cover-drive specialists.

Watch Cover Drive Shot’s Illustration

Video Credits: Sikhana English

e) Square Drive Shot

The square drive shot is very difficult to execute as this shot is played with the hands away from the body. This shot is adopted on deliveries whose line & length are directed towards off-stumps. When a batter bends his forward leg & plays a shot with the bat towards the cover-point region it is called as a square drive. This shot is difficult to execute & playing it on proper timing is crucial.

f) Back Drive Shot

One of the gorgeous & beloved shots among different types of cricket shots is the Back Drive shot. When a bowler throws a full-length delivery, batters put their weight on their back foot & hits the ball towards the cover region to play back drive shots. This is the only shot that the batter plays at the back foot in front of the wicket at the off-side area. If the shot is executed properly it is one of the most beautifully crafted shots in cricket.

4) Sweep Cricket Shots:

When different types of cricket shots are talked about one can never forget the Sweep shot. It is one of the most widely practiced shots in the history of cricket. Sweep shots are played with cross bats on the front foot by kneeling on one knee to tackle the spin attack.

How to Play Sweep Cricket Shots

Video Credits: Sikhana English

a) Regular Sweep shot:

When a bowler delivers a full-length ball & the batter faces it by kneeling on one knee towards the square leg region then the shot is known as a sweep shot. New-age cricketers also play sweep shots to tackle fast bowlers. Most suitably the sweep shots are played on deliveries pitched at the middle or leg stump.

b) Reverse Sweep Shot:

The reverse sweep shot is the go-to shot for modern cricketers. Innovative in nature reverse sweep is played with a reverse bat. When the opponents put fielders on the leg side to regulate sweep shots, the batter goes for a reverse sweep by hitting the ball in the off-side area in the opposite direction of the regular sweep shot which is at off-side.

How to Play Reverse Sweep Cricket Shots

Video Credit: Sikhana English

c) Paddle Sweep Shot:

The paddle sweep is played on a fuller delivery but here the batter doesn’t swing the bat fully. Here the batter’s aim is to hit the ball as close to the wicket-keeper as possible.

5) Cut Cricket Shots:

When different types of cricket shots are discussed, cut shots come first in our minds. Cut shots are cross-batted shots that are played on short deliveries. In cut shots, batters use the ball’s pace to deflect the ball towards the square leg or behind the square on the off-side.

There are three types of Cut Shots:

a) Square Cut:

A square cut shot is often played to the square of the wicket on the off-side. It is a back-foot shot played on the back of the length or short deliveries that are wide in nature & outside the off-stump.

How to Play Square Cut Shot

Video Credits: Sikhana English

b) Late cut:

This shot is played against a spin attack. As the name suggests in a late cut shot the batter waits for the bowl to almost pass him & then hits the ball forcefully to the third man region.

c) Upper-Cut Shot:

Upper-cut shots are new-age cricketers favorite pick. Upper-cut is mostly played against a short delivery, a bouncer bowled wide outside the off-stump. To hit this shot the batter moves backward & cuts the ball in the upward direction in & around the shoulder height above the slip cordon. Sachin Tendulkar & Rohit Sharma are ardent practitioners of upper-cut shots.

6) Pull Cricket Shots:

When different types of cricket shots practiced by cricketers are looked upon, Pull shots become a surety of the list. A batter plays this shot on deliveries that are of short length. It can be played on either the front or back foot, depending on batters choice & ability. India’s Rohit Sharma takes on the front foot to pull the ball in front of the wicket while Virat Kohli takes a back foot & plays a pull shot to hit the ball behind the wicket. Rohit Sharma is one of the best pull-shot players in world cricket.

Rohit vs Virat Pull Cricket Shots Glimpses:

Video Credits: ALL REC OF UP

7) Hook Cricket Shots:

Greater this risk, the more the rewards this saying turns true in case of hook shots. A batter plays a hook shot when he faces head bouncers. A batter plays this shot on the back foot with the horizontal bat by showing his bat face towards the fine leg. Among different types of cricket shots, the hook shot is considered the most dangerous one. Australia’s Philip Hughes died while trying to play the hook shot.

8) Ramp Cricket Shots:

When different types of cricket shots are talked about, the Ramp shot comes among the most innovative ones. Here the batsman touches the ball softly by directing the bat face towards the sky. The batter goes on his back foot & plays short-of-length chest-high deliveries that go to the off-stump line.

9) Scoop Cricket Shots:

Just like ramp shots, scoop shots are also played from the wicketkeeper’s head. But unlike ramp shots, scoop shots are played on full or good-length balls that are picked to hit over the wicketkeeper’s head. There are three types of Scoop shots:

a) Paddle Scoop

Here the batter moves off-side before the ball pitches & plays a shot on the back foot by directing his bat face towards the sky. Jos Buttler mostly practices paddle Scoop shots.

b) Dilscoop

The dilscoop cricket shot was invented by Sri Lanka’s opener batter Tillakaratne Dilshan. He used to play this shot by sitting on the knee & smashing the ball over the wicket-keeper head.

c) Reverse Scoop

A reverse scoop is played just like a reverse sweep but here the ball scoops beside the wicket-keeper. This shot is played on full-length deliveries where the batter lays down on one knee to hit the ball over the wicketkeeper’s head. World Cricket’s renowned batter AB De Villiers plays reverse scoop cricket shots to hit a six over the wicketkeeper’s head. In the list of different types of cricket shots, reverse scoop comes in the popular shot category.

Reverse Scoop Cricket Shot’s Illustration

Video credits: Mzansi Super League

9) Helicopter Cricket Shots:

Among different types of cricket shots, the most followed & popular shot is MS dhoni’s helicopter shot. The fascinating shot was invented by none other than Captain cool MS Dhoni. He used to hit sixes on yorker-length deliveries by using helicopter shot. The bat swing in this shot resembles the rotation of the blades of a helicopter hence it is named as helicopter shot. The shot is often played on the leg side.

A Glimpse of MS Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot

Video Credits: Shantanu Mishra

10) Switch Hit Cricket Shots:

When we look at different types of cricket shots, switch hit is one of the toughest shots to play. For playing this shot a right-handed batter changes his position & grip to temporarily turn into a left-hander batter & vice-versa. This shot is rarely played by a batter but it is truly a delight to watch.

So these are some of the best cricket shots practiced by legendary cricketers. Aren’t these different types of cricket shots fascinating? Doesn’t it make you fall more for the game of cricket? If yes, then take the action by subscribing to our website for more such intriguing write-ups.

Different Types of Cricket Shots Explained| Best 10 Cricket Shots
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