‘Buaksib’- The Best Fantasy Cricket App to get your Game Right


All the sports enthusiast across the globe has just one name on their mind, i.e. ‘Fantasy Sports’. In recent times fantasy sports have been gaining immense popularity as it has successfully bridged the gap between an average fan & sport by bringing them closer to each other. Fantasy Sports have provided an opportunity to all sports lovers to experience real-time game situations by actually playing an online fixture or contest by creating a virtual team from the pool of real-time players. The users earn points according to the performances of the players in real-time matches. This feature of Fantasy sports where users could earn exciting prizes by playing virtual contests has grabbed the eyeballs of crores of sports fans.

When ‘fantasy Sports’ is talked about we cannot oversee ‘Fantasy cricket’ which is a major part of the growing online gaming industry. Fantasy Cricket is an online game where users form their virtual team involving real-time players & earn points based on the performances of these players in real-time matches. Fantasy Cricket is growing in leaps & bounds across the globe because of the exciting features it offers.

What is Fantasy Cricket App| The best Fantasy Cricket App to keep you going!

Fantasy Cricket provides cricket fans an opportunity to participate in the contests of their choice by creating their team & winning exciting rewards & prizes based on their performances in real-time matches. Now if you are not aware of what a ‘Fantasy Cricket App’ is let us provide you with an insight into it. A fantasy cricket app is an online platform where you have to create an account using your email address or mobile number. Once the account has been created, you will be allowed to create fantasy cricket teams from the pool of real-time players & play online matches & leagues. If your fantasy team scores more fantasy points than the other teams on the app, you are going to achieve victory. In the dashboard of the app, you will find a list of current and upcoming cricket matches. You can participate in these matches.

The growth of ‘Fantasy cricket’ has numerously resulted in the rise of ‘Fantasy cricket apps’ in the market. Just browse Fantasy cricket apps on google & you will be flooded with ‘en number’ of options to choose from. But choosing the right ‘Fantasy Cricket app’ which will provide you with a seamless gaming experience is not an easy task at all. To help you get through with the best in the market we are here to introduce you to one of the most reliable & best fantasy Cricket App in the market…

Featuring Buaksib- The Best fantasy Cricket App in the Market

You might think which app is this? But let us tell you that Buaksib is a newbie in the fantasy gaming market that provides you with exciting prizes in every match you play. Buaksib allows its users to play online cricket & soccer with a chance to win bonus coins every day when you visit this app. Yes, you have heard it right, what’s interesting about this app is that whenever you log in to Buaksib after signing up you earn ‘daily check-in bonus coins’ with each passing day. The bonus is given in the following pattern- 10 coins one day, 20 coins on day 2, 30 coins on day 3, 50 coins on Day 4, 100 coins on Day 5 & 200 coins on Day 6. The users even earn 10 bonus coins in addition to 50 Rs cash on signing up at the ‘Buaksib App’.

Buaksib provides its users an opportunity to choose from a variety of contests/ betting pools daily. The users could also earn points by inviting their friends to sign up on the Buaksib app. When a user friend signup, the user & his friend both will earn 100 Rs & when a user friend deposits money in the App the user will get 1% of his/her friend’s deposited cash. The app also provides referral bonus coins to the users on the 5th, 10th & 15th referral. The users could redeem their coins to bonus cash which they can use while playing contests. One distinct feature of the ‘Buaksib App’ is that even after entering contests & choosing the ‘Playing XI’ users could change their team minutes before the beginning of the game. The liberty to make last moment changes in the ‘Playing XI’ along with the pool of exciting cash bonuses & rewards makes ‘Buaksib’ the best fantasy cricket app in the market.

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