Game Changer Fantasy Cricket Tips to help you Win Big!


Game Changer Fantasy Cricket Tips to help you Win Big!

The popularity & the growing relevance of Fantasy Cricket is not hidden from the world. In recent times Fantasy crciket has grown in leaps & bounds not only in India but across the globe. Die-hard sports fans & enthusiasts have found a way to fulfill their dream of getting a real-time game experience by playing fantasy cricket games.

Fantasy cricket is an online game in which users create their own virtual team from the pool of real players & earn points according to their performances in real-time matches. If your team scores more points in a contest, you stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes. When we talk about Indian society, a country that preaches cricket as religion & worship cricketers as ‘Gods’, the immense popularity of fantasy cricket is not at all a new thing.

New Fantasy cricket sites are emerging on a daily basis which provides users to play fantasy cricket without any hassle. You might feel that playing fantasy cricket is easy as you just have to create your team by selecting your favorite players & win matches. But this is not the reality. In order to get success in Fantasy cricket games, you need to have sheer understanding & knowledge about the players & teams along with an in-depth understanding of various contests & real-time matches being conducted.

If you want to win big money then you need to analyze the finest details & then select your team accordingly. The trick is all about picking the right Playing XI who could perform well in a particular match & in turn increase your points. Being aware of the simple tactics & fantasy cricket tips will help you to win major online games & leagues.

So we are here to share with you easy fantasy cricket tips that will help you to master the art of creating the best possible team & winning fantasy cricket games at your fingertips. Let’s have a look at the best fantasy cricket tips that will help you to win big!

1) Analyze Players Recent Performances & Form:

The most crucial thing you need to consider while forming your virtual team is players’ recent performances & form. You need to check whether the player you want to pick has been in a good form in recent games or not. You shouldn’t opt for a player just because he performed well a few months back. A player’s recent performance & form matters more than his previous career records & stats since your earnings will depend on a player’s performance in a one-off match & not on their previous records. However, if it is a league that you are selecting the team for, then go for class players as they are likely to perform better in the long run.

2) Consider Weather & Pitch report

Analyzing weather & pitch reports is a crucial factor you need to consider if you aim to win fantasy cricket games in large numbers. Often users do not pay attention to this factor & end up choosing inappropriate Playing XI that doesn’t suit pitch conditions. If the pitch is slow & dry then you should include more spinners in your team instead of pacers. On the other hand, if a pitch produces more bounce & is batting friendly then you should include more power hitters & swing bowlers in your team. It’s all about using your analytical skills & choosing players according to the game conditions to increase your chances of winning.

3) Selecting Top-Order Wisely

Selecting a capable & best top order is one of the sure-shot tactics to win big money in Fantasy cricket. The top-order batsmen lay the foundation of a mammoth total & glide your respective team towards victory thus include the top three players in your team’s top order. With the best of the batsmen in your top-order, your team’s chances of scoring big & winning the contest become much high.

4) Skilled Captain & Vice-Captain is the key to success

One of the integral factors behind any team’s success is the presence of a wise captain & vice-captain. The same mantra gets applied in fantasy cricket as well. Choosing a right captain & vice-cpatain is one of the most important fantasy cricket tips. In order to win any virtual fixture, you need to ensure that your team consists of the right captain & Vice-captain. The captain of each fantasy playing XI helps you to yield 2x points & the Vice-captain earns for you 1.5x points so if you manage to select the two best performers of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will be very difficult for anyone to beat you from that position.

5) Don’t forget to keep track of ongoing fixtures

If you want to improve your analytical & statistical skills then it’s crucial for you to follow the games in which you have invested in fantasy cricket. Just creating perfect teams & participating in contests is not enough to win as you need to follow the ongoing games in order to select the right players for other upcoming matches. Thus following ongoing games is one of the most crucial fantasy cricket tips which you should adhere to.

Arent these Fantasy cricket tips seem simple but fruitful to you? If yes then don’t waste time & just get pro to playing ‘fantasy cricket by following these simple yet useful fantasy cricket tips.

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