Ben Stokes Lit Up A Cigarette during 2019 World Cup Finals! Read More to Know Why?


Today is the One Year Anniversary of the famous 2019 World Cup Final Win & it’s now been revealed that Ben Stokes lit up a cigarette to calm his nerves after the game went into the Super Over.

Ben Stokes heroic performance in the final of the World cup 2019 where he scored whopping 84 runs which helped England to win their maiden 50 over World Cup title & the memory is still alive in every English fan’s memory. After the victory, everyone applauded Ben Stokes masterclass & how outstandingly he controlled his nerve in the tensest one day match ever. However, on the one year anniversary of that famous win, it has now been revealed that Stokes has lit up a cigarette to calm his nerves after taking the game into the Super over.

The revelation comes from a small excerpt of a newly released book named ‘Morgan’s Men: The Inside Story of England’s Rise from Cricket World Cup Humiliation to Glory’.

Quoting an excerpt from the book written by Nick Hoult & Steve James the article read as, “ The atmosphere is raw as the World Cup final comes to a Super Over. Twelve balls will settle a seven-week tournament & decide the legacy of this England team. Finding a quiet spot as the frenzy of the Super Over approached was hard in a ground packed with 27,000 supporters & television cameras following the players from the middle through the pitch to the dressing room. But Stokes is well familiar with Lord’s each & every nook & corner. As Eoin Morgan tries to calm to the England dressing room and sort out their tactics, Stokes nips off for a moment of peace”.

“He is covered in dirt and sweat. He has done batting for two hours and 27 minutes of unbelievable tension. What does Stokes do? He goes to the back of the England dressing room, past the attendant’s little office, and into the showers. There he lights up a cigarette and has few minutes on his own.”

After Stokes knock in the regulation play took the match to the Super Over, the two teams couldn’t be separated once again as both the teams managed to score 15 runs in the stipulated six balls.

However, England had scored 26 boundaries as compared to New Zealand’s 17 boundaries & based on this tie-breaker rule England was declared as the winners due to their superior boundary count. And in the end, Stokes was declared as the man of the match for his unbeaten knock and England became the ODI World Champions for the first time in their history.


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