Ollie Robinson can resume his cricketing career despite eight match suspension

Ollie Robinson can resume playing cricket despite eight match suspension

The morning of Saturday brought rays of new hopes in the life of England’s pacer Ollie Robinson, as he can resume playing cricket despite an eight-match suspension. A cricket discipline commission panel on Saturday announced its decision of suspending Robinson for eight matches in regards to two charges levied against pace Robinson.

Ollie Robinson had admitted the breach of ECB directives 3.3 & 3.4 in relation to a couple of offensive tweets which were posted between 2012 & 2014 when he was between 18 & 20 years of age. Robinson’s discriminatory tweets came into the limelight on June 2, the day when he made his test debut for England.

Following a hearing on June 30, the CDC panel has decided that Robinson should be suspended from playing cricket for eight matches, five of which will be suspended for two years. “As regards the three matches which are the subject of immediate suspension, the Panel has taken into account the suspension imposed by the ECB from the second test against New Zealand, together with two of the Vitality Blast T20 matches from which Robinson voluntarily withdrew himself from selection for Sussex CCC due to the impact of these proceedings. Robinson is, therefore, free to play cricket immediately”, ECB said in an Official Statement.

The PCA commission has also suggested that Robinson should participate in all training programs with respect to the use of social media & anti-discrimination as directed by the Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) over the next two years. This also includes undertaking any training himself which the PCA considers appropriate for these issues. Robinson has also fined 3200 Pounds for breaching ECB’s directives. The Panel was chaired by Mark Milliken-Smith QC. The other two members were Claire Taylor and Anurag Singh.

Talking about this decision, Ollie Robinson said, “I fully accept the CDC’s decision. As I have said previously, I am incredibly embarrassed & ashamed about the tweets I have posted many years ago & apologize unreservedly for their content”.

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