Chahal gave a witty response to Mumbai Indians Player Jasprit Bumrah!


Due to the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic, every major sporting event is postponed or canceled, glitzy cash-rich IPL league also got postponed and so the cricketers are using social media to keep interacting with each other and to keep their competitive spirit alive. Chahal recently gave a witty response to a tweet on Mumbai Indians Official handle which left his fans go gaga over his sense of humor.

Yuzvendra Chahal had often spoken about his batting skills on various occasions and has hilariously elaborated on his batting abilities. But recently Mumbai Indians has posted a spilt image of Chahal and Jasprit Bumrah and has asked their fans that whether they are excited to witness Bumrah bowling to Chahal?” to which the Indian spinner gave a witty response to the Mumbai Indians player Bumrah by saying, “Keep dreaming as you will not get the chance to bowl me as I am batting at no.10 or 11 and ABD sir and King Kohli is going to bat before them so first get them out and then we will talk about my batting”, replied the 29-year-old Indian cricketer.

Chahal will be a part of the Virat Kohli led Royal Challengers Bangalore if the IPL will kick off this year he said that he is spending a good time with his family members. “I don’t get much time to spend with my family and after so many years I am at home. So I am making use of this time by spending lots of time, my family members. It’s a good and cherishable experience. I sleep late and wake up late and spend time with my family members in the evening”, said the leg spinner.

On Sunday, Yuzvendra Chahal relived his old passion by participating in an event organized by and said that Chess has taught him to be patient on the cricket field also.

You might be not aware that the former national under 12 Chess Champion, Indian cricketer Chahal has been honored to be represented the country at the World Youth Chess Championships and is listed on the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Website. “Chess has taught me to be patient and in Cricket patience is the key to success. You may be bowling well but you may not get wickets. Like in a test match you bowled well on the first day but didn’t get any wickets but you have to come back the next day with full enthusiasm and get the wickets. this is the beauty of cricket”.

Let’s hope that we all get the chance to witness the entertaining IPL league this year also, by overcoming this Pandemic situation as soon as possible. let’s hope for the best!


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