Do you know how the IPL Players Auction started? To know more read further!

Sundar raman

In a recent interview, former IPL Chief Operating Officer Sundar Raman gave an insight into how the IPL players auction conducted before the IPL inaugural season in 2008.

IPL is one of the most popular T20 leagues in the world. But before the matches being played on the field plenty of drama takes place in the hotel auditorium where the franchises spend huge money to buy their favorite players. The IPL auctions are given much importance just as the IPL matches itself & it attracts many eyeballs as a cricket match.

All over the world, the cricketers who have enrolled their names in the auction remains stuck to the television or online streaming to see whether they have been picked up by any franchise if yes then for how much price.

In a recent interview, Former IPL Chief Operating Officer Sundar Raman gave an insight into how the IPL players auction came into existence before the inaugural season of IPL in 2008. “The player auction almost came as a part of an evening tea conversation while we were doing a thousand other things. We had sold the franchises, we had the venues confirmed, now it was left to on how do we get the players rostered into different teams,” Raman said during the show 22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur on Oaktree Sports’ YouTube channel.

A selected group of players was already assigned to a set of franchises such as Sachin Tendulkar for Mumbai, Virender Sehwag for Delhi, Yuvraj Singh for Punjab, Sourav Ganguly for Kolkata. But MS Dhoni was without a home,” Raman said.

“The challenge was one of those conversations where the question was how do we make the franchises take on the players? One of the franchises, I don’t remember who it was, said ‘why don’t we auction them?’”

“After thinking for two minutes I said, ‘good idea’ I will generate great consumer interest, & this is how the auction process of players came into existence”, Raman added.

The IPL 2020 which was scheduled to commence between March & May has been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.