Finally! Emirates Cricket Board Receives the “Letter of Intent” from the BCCI to host the IPL 2020


On Monday the ECB announced that it has received an official “Letter of Intent” from the BCCI to host the IPL 2020 in the UAE. In an Official release the ECB Secretary General Mubashshir Usmani said, “We have received the Official letter by the BCCI & now they are waiting for the confirmation from the Indian Government which will finalize the event in the UAE”.

Usmani said that both the Boards are ready with their preparations for hosting the IPL & have mobilized & initiated discussions with required authorities including their internal working committees, in preparation of hosting the tournament which will begin in full swing from 19th September as per the new proposed schedule.

“There are many factors which influence the operations and logistics of hosting what is the world’s most exciting, popular and lucrative tournament,” said Usmani.

“This is a massive movement of people and equipment and we now need to bring in the experts to discuss all aspects of UAE hosting the IPL,” he added.

“This includes the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Sports Councils, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Tourism Bodies and the respective Government entities – such as the Police Forces and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, all who have had strong, proven experience in such activities and we will work together to ascertain the best practices to support and deliver on a successful edition,” Usmani said.

The UAE had earlier hosted the 2014 edition of the IPL due to the important elections in India. So the UAE is well experienced about hosting the IPL & is in a good position to host the cash-rich league this year also, said Usmani.

“We have a sound, solid understanding of what is required, and to whom we need to consult and engage with from this early stage through to close of the tournament,” he concluded.

IPL was originally scheduled to start from March 29 but due to the Pandemic the IPL was postponed indefinitely but with the postponement of the ICC World Cup 2020 due to coronavirus the BCCI has shifted & finalized the September-November Window for the IPL.


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