IPL Cancellation is almost fixed after 21 days Lock-down!

IPL 2020 Cancellation is fixed after 21 days lock-down!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a 21-day lock-down in order to control COVID-19 Pandemic. With the lock-down in place, almost everything in the country came to a standstill and in these tough times, the cancellation of IPL 2020 looks inevitable!

The BCCI would be under tremendous pressue as there are confirmed chances of glitzy IPL league to be cancelled for this year after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a 21-day lockdown to combat COVID-19 Pandemic. Earlier BCCI had postponed IPL till 15th April and assured that hosting IPL will only be considered if the situation in the country improves. However, instead of improving the situation is only getting worsened after that with coronavirus cases in India crossing a 500 mark.

Speaking to media, BCCI President Ganguly said that we cannot discuss anything about conducting IPL looking at the grim scenario in the country. He quoted, “I can’t comment anything at this moment. We are standing in the same place where we were on the day we have announced the postponement of the tournament. Nothing has improved in the last 10 days instead the situation has worsened with increasing cases of COVID-19. So currently I don’t have an answer to your question”, Ganguly’s helplessness was visible through his expressions.

“Its high time that the BCCI should consider postponing IPL league now. As a premier event, it’s our responsibility to act more wisely. Conducting IPL in such conditions is inhuman. We first need to think about saving lives now not about IPL”, said Ness Wadia, the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab.

He further added, “Even if the situation improves further by May, I hope it does but then which foreign player is going to come and play? Will they be even allowed to enter the country?” He asked.

It seems like BCCI is avoiding to announce the cancellation of IPL hoping that the things get improved. “When the Olympics can be postponed by a year then IPL is a much small thing in this regard. It has become increasingly difficult to organize the star-studded Premier League. At this point the Government is not even thinking about allowing foreign visas”, a BCCI official said.

Currently, the franchise holders are discussing ways to limit financial losses with insurance companies and broadcasters. “With a 21-day lockdown, it is almost impossible that things can be returned to normalcy by April 14th. We hope that the conditions improve but a lot of restrictions will be in place. It will inhuman and foolish not to cancel the IPL league”, a BCCI official said.


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