“It’s not the right time to talk about IPL”: Rohit Sharma to Chahal!

“It’s not the right time to talk about IPL”: Rohit Sharma to Chahal!

During this Pandemic, when everyone is thinking to protect themselves and their family, Rohit Sharma also feels that it’s not the right time to talk about Indian Premier League (IPL), it can wait for the time being as amidst Coronavirus Pandemic it is important to think about the safety of country rather than other things.

In a recent Instagram chat, India’s one of the best bowler Yuzvendra Chahal asked India’s vice-captain and opener batsman about the commencement of IPL 2020 on which he replied that at this tough times when Coronavirus is ruining the life of whole world and India observing a 21 days lockdown, talking about IPL is not the right time and the IPL league can wait till the situation comes under control.

 “It’s the time when we should first think about our country and its people rather than talking about IPL. The utmost crucial thing is that the country’s situation gets improved and then we can discuss the IPL. Let our life get back to normal first”, the senior opener batsman said to Chahal after he asked him about the fate of IPL.

The batsman is very sad after seeing Mumbai city in such a situation, the roads are empty and not a single vehicle is seen on roads.

He quoted, “I haven’t seen Mumbai city in such condition”, Rohit said to Chahal on call by standing in his balcony and showing empty streets to Chahal.  “We are cricketers and we often don’t get much time to spend with our family. We go on tours and play cricket matches around the globe. This lockdown if seen positively then it is the time to spend with our family and make some precious moments,” Rohit told Chahal by taking daughter Samaira in his arms and wife Ritika Sajdeh standing beside him.  

Rohit took a rest for the ODI series against South-Africa which got postponed due to coronavirus. Further in the conversation, Rohit said that he wants Chahal to get back in action after the New-Zealand tour didn’t go well for Team India.

India won the T20I series by 5-0 but lost in the ODI series with a poor score of 3-0 and test series 2-0. Rohit was injured during T20Is and that why he was not able to play in the series.

Chahal replied to Rohit by highlighting his performance, he said, “I did good bowling but I am currently missing that winning spot from a long time. I am taking 2-3 wickets but that winning spot is missing”. Further discussing his routine during Lockdown Chahal said that nowadays I sleep at 5 am in the morning and wakes up by 2 pm. I play games. In the afternoons I spend time with my family. I take more of rest and it’s just these things which are currently in to-do list”. The glitzy IPL league has been postponed till April 15th due to COVID-19 but by looking at the situation currently in the country it seems that the league would be postponed further with India reaching700 cases till Thursday evening and almost 14 deaths due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


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