MS.Dhoni has lost the spark in playing PubG, reveals Deepak Chahar!

MS.Dhoni has lost the spark in playing PubG, reveals Deepak Chahar!

Deepak Chahar revealed that MS Dhoni has lost interest in PubG and is not playing PubG that well because he has switched to a new game i.e ‘Call to Duty!’

Amid the nationwide 21 days lockdown when everyone is struggling to pass their time while sitting at home. The same is the situation with cricketers and other sports athletes with major sporting events being called off, including the Indian Premier league on the verge of being canceled or postponed. Most of the cricketers are finding out various ways to spend their time such as engaging in their hobbies while some are spending lots of time watching movies and TV shows while some has opted to play video games and the fans are always curious to know which game their favorite cricketers are currently playing.

Most of the people are aware of the fact that MS. Dhoni is among those Indian cricketers who loves to spend his time playing PubG. However, this news has got old as Dhoni has now moved from PubG to another popular game which is in trend now i.e Call of Duty. This was revealed by Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings teammate Deepak Chahar.

Chennai Super Kings has shared a video on its various social media handles including Twitter in which Chahar revealed that Dhoni is no more good at playing PUbG as he has switched on another game i.e Call of Duty.

Chahar shared this news when the anchor asked him if he still plays PubG along with the former India Skipper to which he replied, “Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) doesn’t play PubG as much as he used to play before but I still play PubG. Mahi bhai is now playing a different game now”, revealed Deepak Chahar.

“Yes, recently a few days back he was again playing PubG but had lost that old spark. He couldn’t figure out who was shooting from where and he was clearly seen out of sync”, Chahar added.

Deepak Chahar became famous for playing in the IPL league for CSK in the IPL under the leadership of Dhoni and he made his international debut in a 20-20 match against England in 2018.

Last year he also titled the best ever bowling figure in a T20I match when he picked up six wickets for seven runs against Bangladesh. However, he suffered an injury and that’s why forced to stay out of the team at the time when his career was at a peak.

Dhoni, on the other hand, hasn’t played any cricket since India’s Semi-final loss to New-Zealand in the World Cup 2019 in the United Kingdom. He was going to return back to action on the cricket pitch in IPL 2020 but will have to wait further as the tournament has been postponed till 14th April due to Coronavirus Pandemic and its fate is still on stake.


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