MS.Dhoni will face problems if IPL doesn’t happen, says Madan Lal!

Madan Lal

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the major sporting events have come to a standstill including the glitzy IPL league likely to be postponed further or canceled till next year. If IPL is called off till next year than it would surely be a problem for MS.Dhoni as he was going to make comeback to the pitch with IPL 2020. Madan Lal said that MS Dhoni should himself tell what is going on in his mind and what is his next plan to the selectors and the team management. Madan Lal feels that MS. Dhoni will face many problems if the IPL does not happen due to the coronavirus crisis in the country.

“See there are many problems for MS. Dhoni as he has not played cricket post-World-Cup. If the IPL doesnot happen, problems for MS. Dhoni will further increase. I don’t know what the team management, Coach Ravi Shastri, captain Virat Kohli or the selectors are thinking currently”, Lal who is a member of the Cricket Advisory Committee told to media.

Dhoni has played competitive cricket during the 2019 World Cup and was going to make comeback to the pitch during the opening match of the IPL tournament on March 29. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the postponement of the league until April 15th and currently due to extended lockdown it is more likely that the IPL would be canceled till next year.

According to Madan Lal the commenecement of ICC T20 World Cup 2020, problems for Dhoni have increased further. “The selector’s committee would first want that MS.Dhoni should first played cricket and then based on his performance they select him. There is a huge responsibility for the selectors as well as the team management and I feel that problems have increased for both Dhoni and the selectors. MS. Dhoni has played a lot of cricket during his career and he was one of the best captains. I think he should himself tell what he thinks right now to the selectors and then the selectors would be able to think further”, Madan Lal said.

The ICC T20 World Cup 2020 is scheduled to be played between October 18 and November 15 at seven venues across Australia. The extended tenure of lockdown in India till 3rd May will further lead to the postponement of IPL 2020 further April 15th. Lal said that it is tough to organize IPL till the Coronavirus Crisis comes to an end.

“Till the coronavirus is not over, we can’t even think of holding IPL, because it is very big and the safety of the players and viewers are utmost important for us and how would our players travel from one city to another? So basically there are a lot of problems at the moment. Till the time the Government gives clearance about the situation, I feel that it is tough to organize IPL. For the BCCI and the franchise holders also it is very tough to think about the IPL. We have to see what comes next after 3rd May, it’s better than the BCCI and the franchises find a solution for the problem”, he said.

Meanwhile, Madan Lal also appealed to the people to follow the government’s guidelines to control COVID-19. “I want to say that in this tough situation it’s important that we follow what government is saying and strictly follow the norms of lockdown to tackle this deadly virus”, Madan Lal concluded


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