‘No play, No pay’, for IPL Players: Indian Cricketers Association Chief (ICA)

‘No play, No pay’, for IPL Players: Indian Cricketers Association Chief (ICA)

Indian Cricketers Association Chief said that International (ICA), as well as Domestic Players, may have to accept the reduction in their pay if the losses incurred to the BCCI crossed thousands of crores amid the nationwide lockdown to fight against Coronavirus Pandemic. It clearly means that ‘No play No pay’ for IPL players said Indian Cricketers Association Chief (ICA).

The fate of IPL players is just like ‘No play, No pay’ as the Indian Premier League has been postponed till 15th April due to the spread of COVID-19 and looking at the current ongoing Lockdown it seems like IPL is unlikely to go-ahead. BCCI will have to figure out an alternate date for IPL later this year by compromising on other tournaments and commitments. “The system of IPL payment is that 15% of players payment is paid a week before the cash-rich league commenced & 65% more is paid during the tournament. And the remaining 20% of the payment is paid on a stipulated time after the league ends”, a senior official of an IPL franchise told to media.

“The BCCI has certain guidelines & rules about the payment and its obvious that no player will be paid now”, the official added. “The economic implication of a season without IPL could be huge”, admitted BCCI Players body- the Indian Cricketers Association (ICA) President Ashok Malhotra.

He feels that now domestic players may have to accept the pay cuts if the BCCI losses cross thousands of crores amid the current nationwide lockdown to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Currently, the BCCI is looking for an alternate option as the chances to reduce the duration of the IPL in May are very low but no concrete decision has come out.

The country is under lockdown for 21 days till April 14th & the IPL has been postponed till April 15th. Another official of IPL league has cleared that the salaries of the players are not covered for a Pandemic,

“We are not entitled to get any money from Insurance Companies as the Pandemic is not under the clause. Each franchise player has a salary per head ranging from 75 to 85 crores, how can we pay such a whopping amount, without any game played”, he asked.

An official from the English Premier League said that BCCI needs to look at some other options as what can be done though we understand that the losses incurred to BCCI are close to 3000 crores. “Its not just Dhoni or Kohli will be affected, the effect of the cancelation of the tournament is huge for the first-timers. Rs 20, 40 and 60 lakh is a serious amount after all the hard work they do. Hope the BCCI will look into it and he has a plan for the players”, he said.

However, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhamal clearly stated that at present there has been no discussion about any pay cuts for the players.

We can only wait and watch what will be the next big decision of BCCI regarding the commencement of the IPL league!



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