Sourav Ganguly: Postponing IPL to next year will cause BCCI a whopping loss of 4000 crore!


The former India opener & BCCI President Sourav Ganguly expressed his concern about the financial loss of BCCI if the IPL doesn’t take place this year. Ganguly also hinted that the board might go for a  pay cut if the IPL doesn’t happen this year.

The BCCI President & former Indian team Captain said that BCCI will incur a massive loss of Rs 4000 crore if the IPL’s 13th edition does not take place due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. The IPL 2020 was scheduled to commence on March 29 this year but suspended indefinitely as a precautionary measure to curb the havoc of COVID-19.

“We will have to examine our financial situation to see how much money we have & take a call accordingly. Not hosting the lucrative IPL will cause loss of about 4000 crore which is a huge amount”, Sourav Ganguly told a leading media house. The BCCI President also hinted that the Board may have to go on a pay cut for employees and its players if the IPL doesn’t happen this year.

“If the Indian Premier League takes place then we won’t have to go for a pay cut we would definitely manage things”, added Ganguly. Suggestions were also made to host the IPL behind closed doors with no audience in the stadium. Reacting on the same, Ganguly said the attraction will be less & it won’t garner attention as it used to do previously.

“Yes the attraction will be quite less, I remember playing in such a scenario when audiences were not allowed for the final day after the disturbances generated by the crowd at Eden Gardens at the Asian Test Championship game against Pakistan in 1999 and there was not at all excitement among the players as well the spectators”, said Ganguly.

“If you have matches with less amount of crowds not only would strict social distancing rules apply & the officials would also have to be extremely careful about how the audiences leave the stadium for their home. Policing & security will have to be very strict. It’s the tough thing to undertake”, added Ganguly.


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