“The Great Bengali Cook”, Contest held between Isa Guha & Sandeep Warrier!

Sandeep Warrier

Indian Premier League’s Franchise KKR has organized a culinary contest in which its star player Sandeep Warrier was in a cook-off with Isa Guha who is Former English medium pacer turned into commentator.

Thanks to the lockdown around the world, various sporting events including IPL has been called off. But Kolkata Knight Riders discovered a fun way to start an interesting contest & keep its followers engaged. In a cook-off contest held between Isa Guha and Sandeep Warrier. It was Isa who hailed ‘The great Bengali Cook’s’ title. They were given the task of preparing Kolkata’s traditional dish “Loochi” with “Chholar Daal”. Isa who is a Bengali had an advantage in the cook-off as they set off trying to prepare “Loochi” along with “Chholar Daal”. As the cook-off reached its final stage it was quite evident that Sandeep was confused by the array of Isa’s perfect deliveries.

“It’s compulsory that it should come in the shape of a circle?” Sandeep asked as he tried to roll out a loochi and the task became more and more difficult as he was progressing in the cook-off. In the end, it was a no-contest situation as Sandeep Warrier finally made a loochi that looked more like the dark side of the moon.

With IPL and all the major sporting activities around the world came to a standstill due to the ongoing lockdown, cricketers & commentators are trying to keep themselves busy and the competitive spirit on by undertaking such exercises on the Internet.

The IPL was scheduled to begin on March 29 but was postponed till April 15 and with no improvement in the crisis situation, the BCCI had further postponed the IPL to an indefinite period. Currently India has 78,003 Corona active cases with as many as 2,549 deaths so far. Let’s hope that the world gets back to normalcy and we get an opportunity to witness spectacular cricket tournaments right by sitting in the stadiums.


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