Big Bash League introduces all new draft to pick overseas players


Big Bash League introduces all new draft to pick overseas players


Cricket Australia (CA) has introduced a sensational draft that will allow the franchises to pick overseas players for the upcoming edition of the Big bash League. The change comes amidst the effort to attract the best available foreign players in the riveting T20 league. The administrators and owners of Big Bash League franchises believe that this move will give them a competitive edge in the international market.

Big Bash Legaue’s new draft system to pick overseas players by the Australian regulating body is similar to that of the Indian Premier League (IPL) draft system to pick overseas players. The draft will likely be implemented in the upcoming season of Big Bash League that is scheduled to take place in December, after the conclusion of the T20 World Cup in Australia.

As the all-new season of Big Bash League approaches soon, the draft system might come in enforcement where each franchise will have to pick a minimum of two and a maximum of three overseas players. This will definitely provide opportunities to new foreign players who agreeably wanted to be a part of the grand league.

Here are the complete details of the Big Bash League new draft system.

  • Each team has to pick a minimum of two and a maximum of three overseas players.
  • Along with the overseas players’ rule, the draft order also determined the weighted lottery system.
  •  In the weighted lottery system, three teams that missed the finals of the previous edition of Big Bash League will determine their first three overseas selections.
  • After this, the five finalists from the last season will then be drawn for selections four to eight.
  • There will be four categories of auctions and the players will be nominated in four rounds: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  • Platinum Group is set to be the highest payment category followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  • The draft will consist of a total of four rounds with one pick per club. Each Club must pick a minimum of two and a maximum of three players by the completion of round four.
  • Each team is entitled to retain one pick in any round of the draft. A player is eligible for retention if they have played a match for that Club the previous season.
  • Each team in BBL will comprise 18 members including two or three overseas players from the Draft and the remainder being domestic players.
  • After the Draft, Clubs will be able to contract up to five replacement overseas players. A player must have been nominated for the Draft to be an eligible replacement overseas player unless approved by the League.

The draft will seek approval from the BBL Governing Body and will come into play from the 2022 edition of the league.

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