CSK CEO dismisses Claims of Pacer KM Asif Breaking Bio-Secure Bubble!

KM Asif

CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan has dismissed all the claims of pacer KM Asif breaking the bio-secure bubble to go to the reception area of the team hotel in Dubai to get spare keys for his room.

Speaking to media, the CEO said that there is a separate area in the lobby which caters to the players & all the staff working there are tested regularly to avoid any case of coronavirus. “I don’t know if facts have been checked because while there is a reception in the lobby, the staff attending to the CSK unit is different. Asif obviously would not go and speak to the general staff. The boys know that there is a dedicated team working with the players. The fact he lost the key and went and asked for a replacement is true. But he didn’t go to the regular staff working and went to the designated desk. The matter has been blown out of proportion and facts need to be kept in mind,” he pointed.

Elaborating further, the CEO said that he himself has ensured that he doesn’t enter the bubble which there for the players & Support staff & is different from the one which is for the Officials. “We all know the gravity of the situation and how the coronavirus is deadly. In fact, I myself have not entered the floors where the players and support staff are staying. Their bubble is different from the bubble created for the officials“.

“We are taking as much precautions as humanly possible. The players have undergone 14 tests so far and KM Asif too has been part of them and he is negative. Now, we cannot ask every staff member in the hotel to be a part of the bubble, but let me inform you that they are all being regularly tested,” he explained.