Educating Youngsters about Anti-Racism is the need of the hour says, Daren Sammy!


Former West Indies Captain Daren Sammy said that there is a need to educate youngsters about anti-racism as we educate them about anti-corruption or anti-doping.

Former West Indies skipper Daren Sammy on Sunday emphasized the need to educate youngsters about anti-racism in the same way we emphasize on anti-corruption or anti-doping corruption. In the latest edition of the ICC online series of Interviews Inside Out, players discussed the diversity of the game, challenges players faces, and what the cricket family can do to commit fully to anti-racism.

Former West Indies fast bowler & broadcaster Ian Bishop had a full & frank discussion on diversity in cricket with former West Indies Captain Daren Sammy, former ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup and T20 World Cup winner from England and broadcaster – Isa Guha, former South Africa all-rounder – JP Duminy, two-time ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup winner with Australia and leading coach -Tom Moody, and former Pakistan player and broadcaster – Bazid Khan.

“There is a need for education at a systematic level. Just as there is a great emphasis on education around anti-corruption the same emphasis must be given to educating youth on anti-racism in order to help youngsters understand the diversity in cricket & adapt easily to them”, Sammy said.

Each of the panelists shared their personal experiences on racism & spoke about solutions that could help to create a more inclusive space within the sport. They unanimously agreed on the fact that there is a great need for more conversations at multiple levels & more ownership to make a difference in the sport.

“We have a real opportunity with cricket because it does cross different races, backgrounds, and religions, and does bring all of these different people together. It is really a sport that unites everyone. I mean, look at the current England (men’s) team, we stumbled upon this team that is so diverse. But the most important thing for me is a representation,” Isa Guha said.

“This team represents the UK, so people from Muslim communities, black communities can look at these guys and say, they’ve managed to do it, so can I. The other thing I am proud of, about this team is their intention to learn a lot about each other’s cultures. That for me undoubtedly has led to their success”, she added.


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