Hosting T20 World Cup this year is “Unrealistic” said Cricket Australia Chairman!

T20 World Cup

Cricket Australia Chairman said that hosting T20 World Cup this year in Australia is impossible as it will be very difficult to get almost 16 countries into Australia during these tough times.

Hosting the T20 World Cup in Australia this year amid the ongoing Pandemic is “unrealistic”, Cricket Australia chairman Earl Eddings admitted Tuesday. The tournament is scheduled to take place from October 18 to November 15 & officials have previously said that they are planning to proceed with the tournament on the scheduled dates. But still, many global borders are still shut due to the virus-related travel restrictions. “While it hasn’t been formally called off this year, or postponed, trying to get 16 countries into Australia in the current world, where most countries are still going through COVID spiking, I think it’s unrealistic, or it’s going to be very, very difficult,” Eddings told to the reporters.

Eddings further said that Cricket Australia has put a number of options in front of the ICC.  “ICC is having meetings as we speak, it’s a bit of a movable feast at the moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the T20 World Cup Chief Executive Nick Hockley on Tuesday took over the responsibilities of Cricket Australia Chief, & said that the ICC will make a decision about the World Cup till next month. “We’ve got a fantastic local organizing committee who are busy preparing for every eventuality and the decision that will come,” he said.

The most likely decision would be the rescheduling of the tournament until next year but it still depends on the current Pandemic situation & finding a perfect slot in cricket’s crowded calendar.


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