ICC Releases a Video on the Occasion of World Refugee Day 2020!

World Refugee Day

To mark the occasion of United Nations World Refugee Day, the ICC has produced a video where it highlighted the ability of cricket to change lives, bring hope in people & unite people together across the world.

The UNHCR World Refugee Day Campaign aims at reminding the world that everyone including refugees can contribute to the wellbeing of the society & that every action counts in the effort of creating a more just, inclusive & equal world.

“Cricket has the power to bring communities together, connecting individuals and breaking down barriers and it truly is a game for everyone. Today the ICC recognizes the United Nations World Refugee Day by celebrating the role cricket can play in the lives of people who have been displaced,” ICC’s chief executive Manu Sawhney said in an official statement.

There have been many inspiring stories from countries including Afghanistan, Germany, Lebanon & Sweden which has seen cricket not only as a tool to break down barriers but has also seen the emergence of the growth of the sport in new markets.

The growth of cricket in Sweden has seen cricket rise to the second-fastest growing sport in the country with an 85% growth in active members from 2016 to 2018 according to the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science.

“Cricket gives people from all walks of life a strong sense of togetherness through community whilst impacting positively on the lives and health of children through movement, fitness, and fun. It has helped people who have moved to another country by helping them integrate into society through sport,” Benn Harradine, Performance Director at Swedish Cricket Federation said.

“We are proud of being able to help people by providing them with a platform for growth and togetherness that they can engage in and share with, not only their own communities but throughout Sweden as a whole,” he added.