IPL 2021 clashes with Dubai Expo, franchises tensed over room availability

IPL 2021

IPL 2021 is set to resume in the UAE from mid of September but it seems like still, many hurdles need to be overcome for a smooth resumption of the IPL 2021. The franchises were already tensed with the availability of foreign players & to add to the complexity is the news of the Dubai expo clashing with the latter half of the IPL 2021.

Some of the franchises are worried about the rising prices of hotel rooms in the UAE as the second half of the IPL 2021 clashes with the Dubai Expo event. In fact, creating a strict bio-bubble becomes more difficult as people from across the globe will be arriving in Dubai to attend the six-month-long event of the Dubai Expo.

Speaking to the ANI, a franchise official said that a team from the franchise was trying to head to UAE as soon as it gets permission from the BCCI. But now the franchises might opt for video calling to close the deal with the hotel they are planning to stay in during the IPL.

“We are yet to get a nod from the BCCI & it is understandable by looking at the current COVID-19 situation. What we understand that we will get clarity from the board on the plan around July 15. After that, we could be free to travel to the UAE. But looking at how the COVID-19 situation is ever-changing, we might opt for video calls to complete the room bookings. We have to keep in mind the Dubai Expo & how it might make it difficult to get bulk rooms with every passing day”, the Official said.

Another Official highlighted the fact that with the Dubai Expo getting started from October 1, getting hotel rooms that are isolated from the rest of the guests could be a challenge for the franchises. Lats time the tourists coming to the UAE was minimum as compared to this time as more tourists are expected during the Dubai Expo. The official said that they need to close the deal with hotels early so that the franchisees start working towards creating a secure bio-bubble which is a necessity.

An official from another franchise said that the prices of rooms have touched the sky & getting 80-100 rooms in a single wing can be difficult while managing bio-bubble becomes more critical with more crowds coming in the UAE due to Dubai Expo.

The BCCI has fixed the date for the resumption of the IPL 2021 to be held in the UAE. The first match of the IPL 2021 will be played on September 19 while the final match will be played on October 15.

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