Kashmir Premier League 2021: Herschelle Gibbs alleges BCCI of preventing him from Playing in KPL 20

Kashmir Premier League 2021: Herschelle Gibbs alleges BCCI of preventing him from Playing in KPL 20

Former South Africa batsman Herschelle Gibbs has made a shocking revelation! He has alleged that the BCCI is threatening & doing every possible thing to prevent him from playing in the Kashmir Premier League 2021.

Gibbs made the allegations public on his Twitter account earlier Pakistan’s Rashid Latiff also made the same allegation. On Saturday, Gibbs took to Twitter to make his allegation public. He wrote, “Completely unnecessary of the @BCCI to bring their political agenda with Pakistan into the equation and trying to prevent me playing in the @kpl_20. Also threatening me saying they won’t allow me entry into India for any cricket-related work.” 

Gibbs also told the media that the person issuing the threat is none other than BCCI’s Secretary Jay Shah. “It came from Mr. Shah. The message was sent to Graeme smith who passed it on to me,” he said. Gibbs is a part of the Overseas Warriors franchise.

Former Pakistan Cricketer Rashid Latiff also said that the BCCI is threatening other cricket boards that if their players participate in the KPL then they won’t be allowed to play in India.

 “The @BCCI warning cricket boards that if their former players took part in Kashmir Premier League, they won’t be allowed entry in India or allowed to work in Indian cricket at any level or in any capacity. Gibbs, Dilshan, @MontyPanesar & several others have been selected in KPL,” Latif had said. 

Pakistan Cricket Board will launch Kashmir Premier League (KPL) 2021 in August. KPL T20 will offer opportunities to budding cricketers in Kashmir & Pakistan to showcase their talent. This will be the first edition of the Kashmir Premier League.

MR Arif Malik is the President of the Kashmir Premier League. The Kashmir Premier League (KPL) 2021 will begin on the 6th of August 2021 & the final will be played on August 17, 2021. This will be a twenty-twenty format league with a limited schedule. The enthralling action of the Kashmir Premier League 2021 can be enjoyed by cricket fans across the globe.

A total of six teams will participate in the Kashmir Premier League 2021. The top four teams in the KPL Points table will qualify for the Playoffs. Each team will consist of five Kashmiri Players who will play along with Pakistan Cricketers in the KPL 2021. To make KPL valuable & entertaining it is stated that overseas players will join the second edition of the KPL.

Five teams will be from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Region & one team from outside the region will represent six participating teams. Let’s have a look at six teams participating in the KPL 2021

  1. Muzaffarabad Tigers
  2. Kotli Lions
  3. Rawalakot Hawks
  4. Baagh Stallions
  5. Overseas Warriors
  6. Mirpur Royals

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