PCB to separate central contracts for men’s white and red ball cricket


PCB to separate central contracts for men’s white and red ball cricket

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday announced that it will initiate separate central contracts for men’s white ball and red ball cricketers. The iconic move will revamp the streamlined procedure for handing out central contracts.

Addressing the media, PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja announced that the move was necessary to effectively incentivize the players and reward the efforts taken by the athletes in each format. This will boost the morale of the cricketers which will be reflected in their performance.

After the decision implies and central contracts are allotted to the players next month, the number of contracts for men’s cricketers will rise from 20 to 33. This means more players will get a chance to feature in Pakistan’s national cricket team and contribute their part.

In addition to the men’s central contracts, the PCB also portrayed its concern for women athletes. The number of centrally contracted women’s cricketers will increase from 18 to 25 and their salaries will also increase by 15%.

Chairman Ramiz Raja also highlighted the significance of splitting the white-ball and red-ball contracts for men’s cricket players. He mentioned that the white-ball contracts will recognize the importance of the limited-overs game and help in its growth and development.

Raja also asserted the fact that there are four international events lined up in the next 16 months, including two World Cups. In such a situation, the recognition of offering white-ball contracts will help the management to develop two distinct squads that will play their role according to the format of the game.

The increase in women’s contracts will also develop the importance of Women’s cricket in Pakistan. Raja stressed the fact that the performance of Pakistan’s women contingent was marvelous in Sri Lanka where Tuba Hassan became the first ICC Player of the month from Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan also won its first Women’s World Cup match in 13 years. 

PCB’s move will truly depict a stronger Pakistani team challenging the world-class opponents at the upcoming World Cups. The distinct identity provided to the players will boost their preparations where they will set the temperament according to the situation.

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