Rohit Sharma is Anxious Over Killing of Pregnant Elephant In Kerala!


The inhuman incident of killing of an innocent pregnant elephant in Kerala has outraged the entire country. Right from cricketers to celebrities to common man everyone is ashamed of the brutality done to an innocent animal. Adding to the list of people who are condemning this brutality act is Rohit Sharma who said that the killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala was heartbreaking & animals should not be treated with any such kind of cruelty.

Rohit Sharma took to Twitter & wrote”We are savages. Are we not learning? To hear what happened to the elephant in Kerala was heartbreaking. No animal deserves to be treated with cruelty.” Indian Skipper Virat Kohli had also condemned the inhuman act by saying that he was “appalled” after hearing about the horrific incident & called to bring an “end to these cowardly acts”.

The innocent pregnant elephant died on May 27 due to immense pain after she ate a pineapple stuffed with crackers * forest officials said that she died by standing in the river Velliyar after she suffered an injury in its lower jaw. The poor elephant was seen standing in the river with her mouth & trunk opened in the water for some relief from the pain she was suffering after the explosive-filled fruit exploded in her mouth.

The forest officials are probing into the case & has ensured strict punishment to the culprit who would be found to be guilty for the killing of the innocent pregnant elephant.


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