Sanjay Manjrekar tweeted on his Wedding Anniversary which won the hearts of his fans!

Sanjay Manjrekar

The ongoing lockdown has led to most people getting used to the comfort of their homes. People now got used to roaming out for essential goods & services & staying in their comfy home clothes rarely having an occasion to dress up. During such a crisis situation, Sanjay Manjrekar recently came up with a hilarious tweet on the occasion of his wedding anniversary.

“Wearing full pants today. Considering it’s our wedding anniversary #LockdownLife,” he tweeted.

The tweet described the new lifestyle people have been adjusting to in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Fans poured in wishing Manjrekar on his & his wife’s special day.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of his fans’ tweets, “Happy anniversary! Stay blessed, always,” one user wrote. “Glad to hear and happy anniversary Sanjay,” wrote another.

Sanjay Manjrekar who is a commentator often finds himself getting trolled due to his tweets & comments. His recent tweet on the locust problem also didn’t go well with his fans. “Ok guys, no need to panic with the locusts. We are not crop,” Sanjay Manjrekar tweeted. However, the former batsman’s suggestion did not go well with his fans on Twitter as he was heavily trolled on the micro-blogging website.

“Unfortunately we depend on crops. Not sure about you though as you may have other fodders,” one Twitter user had responded. “So insensitive to even say something like this. I’m sure if farmers were on Twitter you would have been outsted in bits and pieces,” wrote another

Sanjay Manjrekar represented India in about 37 Tests & 74 ODIs from 1987 to 1996. He scored 2043 runs in test match & 1994 runs in ODIs.


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