Virat Kohli & MS Dhoni have educated Youngsters in a Brilliant Way says ACU Chief!


The IPL is set to take place in the UAE this year & the BCCI’s ACU team has already arrived in UAE to prevent any corrupt practices in the upcoming Indian Premier League.

The reduction in number of venues for the Indian Premier League has make it easier to track movement for the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit, the constraints of physical movement due to coronavirus pandemic possess fresh challenges for Ajit Singh’s team. However senior cricketers just like MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli have done a wonderful job in educating the youngsters how this is a “No Entry” for the players said ACU Chief Singh.

“I must say our seniors like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma among other have been brilliant and apart from the education we conduct every season, these seniors have been great mentors and have ensured that the youngsters coming in are aware that this is a zone which they should not enter at any cost,” Singh told ANI.

“This has actually shown in how Indian players have conducted themselves keeping these things in mind.”  The ACU Chief said that social media interactions will be closely monitored by his team.

“See, while the number of venues are less, the hurdles of physical movement due to the coronavirus pandemic also means that approaches if any will be made through social media,” said ACU chief Singh. 

“So, we are going to be closely monitoring the same and ensuring that there is nothing that escapes the team’s eyes.”

“Yes, it is handled by their teams in some cases. But at the end of the day, it is their accounts. So the players must have a team around them which is aware of these things and no sooner they see anything suspicious, they should report the same to us. It has to be a joint effort,” he explained.

When asked whether the country poses a threat or increases the risk of corruption the ACU Chief answered in negative. “Since we are monitoring movements the distance doesn’t matter whether a person interested in betting is 200 ft. away or 2000 ft. away. The challenge is social media and we are doing all things necessary to focus on that,” he said.

UAE will now host 24 games, 20 matches will be played at Abu Dhabi while Sharjah will host 12 games. The dates & venues for the playoffs games will be released later.