Virat Kohli Press Conference Live Updates: Virat Kohli made some eye-opening revelations, confirms his availability for SA ODI Series


Virat Kohli press Conference Live Updates: Virat Kohli made some eye-opening revelations, confirms his availability for SA ODI Series

Virat Kohli Press Conference Live Updates: Finally, many unanswered questions & controversies got a clear picture as Virat Kohli opened up in front of the media in today’s press conference. India’s test captain made it clear that he will be available for the South Africa ODI Series & termed all the media reports as fake & irrelevant. Virat also made some big revelations about BCCI sacking him from ODI Captaincy & his take on BCCI’s Decision. He also went ahead to clear the air on the rumors of rifts between him & Rohit Sharma by stating that everything is fine between them.

Virat Kohli Press Conference Live Updates: Let’s have a Glimpse on Major Revelations made at the press conference:

Virat Kohli’s take on rift with Rohit Sharma:

Virat Kohli has finally cleared that there are no rifts & problems between him & Rohit Sharma. He said, “There is no problem between me and Rohit Sharma. I’m tired of saying these things for over 2.5 years”.

Virat Kohli’s stance on being sacked from ODI Captaincy:

When India’s Test captain Virat Kohli was asked whether the board had a prior discussion with him regarding the change in the captaincy of ODI cricket, he denied it clearly by saying, “I was contacted 1.5 hours before selection committee meet. The chief selector discussed the Test team. Before ending the call the selectors told me I won’t be ODI captain and I was fine. There was no prior communication”.

He further added, “I was informed that the 5 selectors have decided to go ahead without me as ODI captain and I was fine with that”.

Virat Kohli on Jadeja’s Absence:

Talking about the hype created around Ravindra Jadeja’s absence, Virat Kohli said, “We all know Jadeja’s quality and he will be missed. But we have enough bench strength. As much as we will miss him, I am sure that will not be a deciding factor”.

Virat’s view on BCCI’s Decision of Removing him from Captaincy:

Virat Kohli opened up on his opinions about BCCI’s decision to remove him from ODI Captaincy. He said, “obviously we haven’t won an ICC tournament. I understand the logic behind why they took that decision”.

Virat’s availability in the upcoming SA ODI Series:

Finally, all the confusion regarding Virat’s availability in the SA ODI series is clear as King Kohli has clearly stated that he will play in the upcoming ODI series & has dismissed all the rumors about him being unavailable for the ODI series.

Virat Kohli said, “I was and I am available for selection all this time. You shouldn’t be asking me these questions, you should ask those who are writing these stories and sources, they’re not credible – I was always keen to play ODIs”.

King Kohli on BCCI’s reaction to him resigning from T20I captaincy

The truth has prevailed again as all the false claims made by BCCI President Sourav Ganguly got revealed in today’s Press Conference. When media urged Kohli to highlight BCCI’s reaction to him leaving the T20I captaincy to which Kohli replied, “ I wasn’t told to not leave the T20i captaincy. I told BCCI first on T20I captaincy, they received it well. I was clear with my communication about it”.

Virat Kohli view on Rohit Sharma’s appointment as an ODI Captain

When media personnel asked king Kohli about his view on Rohit Sharma being handed the reins of ODI cricket to which he replied, “Rohit Sharma is a very able captain, very tactically sound. We have seen for India and IPL as well. Along with Rahul bhai, both of them will have my absolute support”.

Virat Kohli’s views on leading team India in white-ball cricket

When Virat was asked to share his views on leading team India in limited-overs format to which he replied, “I’ve always taken pride in batting at my best. While captaining the Limited Overs side, I’ve given my best. Nothing can bring a dip in my motivation”.

King Kohli’s view on the absence of Rohit Sharma in the Test series

When the journalists asked Virat Kohli whether India’s Test squad will miss the services of Rohit Sharma in the upcoming SA test series, he replied, “Rohit Sharma will be missed by the team in Tests because he was looking really good in England”.

Virat Kohli gave honest answers to media’s questions & made some major shocking revelations that the world was not aware of. It’s clear now that the ‘King Kohli’ will play in the South Africa ODI series & there are no rifts between Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma. However, with Virat’s revelations, it’s also evident that BCCI has failed to handle its players in an apt manner.

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