“You can’t remove racism by tackling individual Sports”, said Michael Holding!

“You can’t remove racism by tackling individual Sports”, said Michael Holding!

Michael Holding said that the realization about eradicating racism has to be within the society that it is unacceptable to discriminate.

West Indies Cricket Michael Holding believes that the regulations against racism in sports will remain “just a plaster on the sore” as long as the society does not unite to tackle the menace. Asked about his views on the worldwide campaign against racism after the killing of African-American George Floyd in the US & numerous athletes taking a stand against it on which Holding replied that racism in sports cannot be stopped by merely having tough rules.

You will get racism, people will shout things at cricket grounds, football grounds, wherever, you can’t stamp out racism by tackling individual sports, you have to tackle the society,” said Michael Holding. Holding, who took 249 wickets in 60 Tests for West Indies between 1975 and 1987, said in an Instagram chat on Sunday night.

Holding said that the change should be within the society that it is absolutely unacceptable to discriminate on the grounds of caste & color. “The people in the society have got to understand that it is unacceptable, and when you tackle it in the society itself, it will not spill over in sport,” Holding added

Michael applauds, Darren Sammy & Chris Gayle who are the two cricketers who have strongly spoken against racism & supported the ‘Black lives Campaign’ around the world. Sammy has also alleged that he was also subjected to racist comments during his tenure with SRH in the IPL which is a very sad reality.


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