Yuvraj Singh again came in the limelight for his reply to Pietersen’s tweet!


Yuvraj Singh responded to Kevin Pietersen’s tweet & claimed that Manchester United is the best club in the world.

Yuvraj & Pietersen have many each other many times on-field but over these years their friendship has blossomed between the two. They had numerous funny banter on social media with Pietersen’s “Pie-Chucker” description of Yuvraj Singh at the forefront of their banter. But there is another topic which is Pietersen’s & Yuvraj’s favorite i.e football clubs. Kevin Pietersen who is Chelsea supporter & Yuvraj a Manchester United fan. Both the cricketers had friendly tiffs over their football loyalties but the former India Cricketer didn’t find much support after his dig at the ex-England star.

Football Premier League has started earlier this week after a three-month coronavirus enforced absence. But Pietersen wasn’t too enthralled about the fact that there were no fans allowed in the stadiums.

Pietersen tweeted, “Football with no fans”. Yuvraj Singh took this as an opportunity to take a hilarious dig at Pietersen, he replied, “We always support the best club in the world”. The Former India International didn’t find many supporters for his comments with fans trolling for his “best club” claim.

Unfortunately for Yuvraj Singh his team Manchester United couldn’t do much on the field to back his claim. Manchester United took on Tottenham Hotspur in their first game back but could only manage a 1-1 draw.


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