MS. Dhoni’s Calm nature won Kane Williamson & Dinesh Karthik’s Admiration!

MS. Dhoni’s Calm nature won Kane Williamson & Dinesh Karthik's Admiration!

Kane Williamson & Dinesh Karthik were together in an online chat show where they talked about MS. Dhoni & praised his calm attitude.

Kane Williamson recently became a part of the Star Sports show ‘Cricket Connected’ where he talked about the former Indian Captain MS. Dhoni & his calm attitude. During the chat, Kane Williamson said, “You might finish a series and try and have a quick chat and find the secret, but MS Dhoni seems to take it in his stride and appreciates the game”.

Kane Williamson went on to add, “Dhoni seems to remember what is important and not get too caught up with some of those things that may be distracting, very focused on what’s important”. Williamson further added that “MS Dhoni is a “very special individual”.

Dinesh Karthik the veteran wicket-keeper batsman from India who also featured on ‘Cricket Connected’ and talked about Dhoni. During the conversation, Karthik said, “In 2003 or 2004 when I went for my first India tour with him, he was pretty much an easy-going, chill, relaxed character that’s what you see as well.

He further added, “The only difference you see is a lot more white hair now, but inside, he’s pretty calm. I haven’t seen him angry that often or I haven’t seen him express his anger explicitly outside too often. So, he’s been pretty much the same.”

MS. Dhoni has not played any international match for the country since the 2019 semi-final match which was against New Zealand. Dhoni is one of the most successful Indian Captains in the history of the game.