“A big Thanks to our Healthcare Workers”: Kane Williamson!

 "A big thanks to our Healthcare workers": Kane Williamson

Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic, the healthcare workers, policemen, and media personnel are trying their best to safeguard the life of people around. When everyone is talking about self-quarantine, Kane Williamson expresses gratitude to doctors, nurses, and caregivers who are continuously fighting in the fore-front against the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has almost taken more than 21,000 lives worldwide.

New-Zealand Captain, Kane Williamson on Thursday applauded his country’s doctors and healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 Pandemic, he said these workers are the people who truly understand what it means to be under pressure, this word is mostly used in the sports fraternity. Williamson addressed the doctors, nurses, and caregivers who are battling on the fore-front to combat deadly Coronavirus which has taken over 21,000 lives all around the world.

“The circumstances prevailing since the last few days have made it clear that we are living in the world of uncertainty which is clear through the health crisis which we have never seen before.  And there are chances that these days can become more difficult looking at the current situation”, he wrote.

“We are very thankful to all the healthcare workers who are working continuously for the welfare of the community”. He supported them by saying “we are all behind you”. “The pressure that the sportsmen and women go through to perform well is often seen but the truth is that we do every day what we love to do, we play games, that’s our passion”, he added.

The New Zealand captain who is one of the best cricketers of current times is known for his grace and Fairplay. He said that he wants the health workers to know the fact that the entire nation is standing behind them during these tough times. He quoted, “It’s a huge responsibility that can be carried out only by the best people, those people who put the good of others and social responsibility above everything else”.

“We want our super healthcare workers to know that we all support you and in no way you are alone. We will definitely overcome this crisis and you all will be a big reason behind our victory”, he added.

Williamson helped New Zealand to reach the final of the ODI World Cup in England last year. Kane Williamson and the team were praised for playing gracefully in a tough match.

Talking about COVID-19, New Zealand has about 262 confirmed cases but there haven’t been any deaths so far. “The real pressure is to put your personal safety at risk for the good of others”, said Williamson.


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