A brand new haircut of Virat Kohli by Wifey Anushka Sharma!

A brand new haircut of Virat Kohli by Wifey Anushka Sharma!

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma like other celebrities are spending splendid time together during 21 days of national lockdown. Virat Kohli has got his latest haircut from his new hairstylist wifey Anushka Sharma.

During this Quarantine period, the top Bollywood actress cum Kohli’s wife is seen giving him a haircut in her latest Instagram video. “Virat humorously said that this is what Quarantine does to you accompanied by Anushka’s laugh behind him”. “You have to allow this things happen to you. Getting a haircut done with kitchen scissors”, he says in the video as Anushka starts her work.

In the video, the two were discussing haircuts, when Virat concludes that conversation by saying, “Beautiful haircut by my wife”. And the video ended with the final result i.e Virat’s brand new haircut.

Like other sportsperson and Celebrities, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are observing Quarantine at their home during the nationwide 21 days lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a three-week lockdown as a crucial step to fight against Coronavirus.

Most of the major sporting events around the world have been delayed or canceled as there is a rise in Coronavirus cases. The Indian cricket team’s most recent tournament which is called off is the ODI series against South Africa which was suspended in between due to the spread of the COVID-19.

Also, the start of the cash-rich IPL league has been postponed due to the growing concern of COVID-19 Pandemic. The IPL has been called off from March 29th until April 15th as a preventive measure to overcome coronavirus, BCCI said.