A part of Umar Akmal’s 3 year Ban could get Suspended!


Earlier in April, the Pakistan Cricket Board has banned Umar Akmal for a period of three years for failing to report corrupt approaches. This measure was taken to avoid further corrupt activities in the Pakistan Cricket team.

Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal could get a part of his three-year anti-corruption ban suspended, when the judge who is the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s disciplinary Panel will give his detailed judgement on Akmal’s Ban, a source in PCB has said. After the hour-long hearing of the panel held on Monday in Lahore, where Umar Akmal himself appeared to plead his case, the justice Miran Chohan announced a stringent three-year ban on the batsman for failing to report corrupt approaches. “People are drawing conclusions about the three-year ban but the detailed order about his ban is yet to come out, Akmal might eventually get a three-year ban with two years period suspended or something similar to it”, a source said to media.

There are chances that the judge will suspend a part of his three-year ban by taking into account the clauses under which Umar has been charged by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and also his past record will be reviewed.

“Umar Akmal could get a suspended sentence in his three-year ban because this will help to test him as an individual and will help them to see how he behaves and conducts himself in future”, the source said.

“When the majority period of a ban is suspended, the player has to be very careful about his behavior otherwise his one mistake could lend him being banned for the entire duration of the ban”, the source explained.

Umar Akmal has the right to appeal against the panel decision in 14 days after he gets a copy of the detailed judgment. His appeal will be heard by an independent adjudicator to be appointed by the board.

Two years ago, the Anti-Corruption Tribunal of the PCB headed by Lt. general Tauqir Zia, had also banned Sharjeel Khan for five years with half of the sentence got suspended which allowed him to make a comeback in the Pakistan Super league 5 in February. Umar Akmal was also suspended from playing in the PSL 5 on February 20 by the PCB in the spot-fixing approach case.


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