Ajit Agarkar highlights big errors in Kohli’s Captaincy leading to RCB’s Poor Performance!


RCB faced a massive defeat of 97 runs against KXIP in Thursday’s match which has garnered many criticism on Kohli’s Captaincy. Since Thursday kohli has been criticized for his poor performance & wrong decisions which ended up in RCB losing a crucial win against KXIP.

Ajit Agarkar highlighted some major decisions of Kohli which has resulted in RCB’s loss in recent innings. The first wrong decision was giving the ball to Shivan Dube, though the young all-rounder has grabbed a couple of wickets Agarkar feels Kohli should have turned to his strike bowlers considering how well a set KL Rahul was batting.

 “I understand Dube had a couple of decent overs. But when you come into the last over, when one batsman is set and batting at 100+, you would want your main bowler to come and bowl. Particularly, in the last over, because in T20 cricket, a couple of deliveries could make a huge difference,” Agarkar said on a Chat show.

Rahul’s brilliant century knocked out RCB’s bowlers & helped KXIP to score a strong target of 206 runs. In reply to KXIP, RCB started very poorly by losing 3 wickets on just 4 runs even Captain Kohli got out at just 1 run scored in 5 deliveries. Kohli walked to do batting at No.4 which was another decision of Kohli that didn’t went well with Agarkar.

“Even though they were never even in the chase because they had lost too many wickets. And that is the other thing. Virat Kohli should never bat lower than No. 3. Yes, because they have Aaron Finch so he is not opening. But he just cannot bat lower than No. 3,” Agarkar said.

“These are the games in which he takes extra responsibility or rises to the occasion. He likes to get in the game. I was a little surprised he did not come to bat at no. 3. Not great decision making on the day”, concluded Agarkar.