Alex Hales has confirms COVID-19 symptoms!


Alex Hales was in Pakistan for PSL and after returning he developed symptoms of COVID-19. Alex Hales has confirmed he is self-isolating at home after developing symptoms of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) following his return from the Pakistan Super League.

The PSL’s organizers confirmed on Tuesday morning that the competition’s semi-finals and finals had been postponed indefinitely after a player had shown symptoms of the virus. PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said “we cannot reveal the identity of that player”, but Ramiz Raja, who has been commentating on the tournament, told reporters: “Alex Hales has developed symptoms.”

Raja’s comments led to inaccurate speculation that Hales had tested positive for the virus, which he denied in a statement.

“In the light of the speculation and rumor that is currently circulating within the cricket world and on social media, I felt I needed to give a full explanation of my situation,” Hales said.

“Like many other overseas players, I reluctantly left the Pakistan Super League early because, with COVID-19 reaching global pandemic status, I felt it was more important to be with my family rather than face a period of lockdown thousands of miles from home.

“I returned to the UK in the early hours of Saturday morning feeling perfectly fit and healthy and with absolutely no symptoms of the virus. However, I awoke early on Sunday morning having developed a fever and followed the government’s advice of self-isolation, a process I am obviously still following having developed a dry and persistent cough.

“At this stage, it has not been possible to be tested although I am hopeful that might be the case later today [Tuesday] so that I can get absolute confirmation of my current health status.”

The Guardian reported that Hales spent Saturday socializing with Tom Curran after returning from Pakistan, but that Curran is not one of the six Surrey players confirmed by the club to be in self-isolation on Monday.

Hales had tweeted “Self-isolation begins… TV series to watch please?!” on Monday, but later deleted the post.

Let’s hope that Alex Hales get recovered early and tested negative for COVID-19!


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