Australia will use only Kookaburra Balls in Domestic Cricket!


Cricket Australia introduced the Dukes Ball in the year 2016 & these balls were used in the second half of each Shield Season to try to make players used to the conditions prevailing in England where often Australian batsmen had often faced difficulties.

However, Australia on Thursday announced that they will ditch the use of English dukes ball in domestic cricket & adapt to using only the traditional Kookaburra balls for the next Sheffield Shield season. Cricket Australia has introduced the Dukes balls in 2016 & they were used in the second half of each Shield season in order to make Australian players comfortable to conditions in England where the Australian batsmen had often struggled.

Dukes balls tend to have a more pronounced seam, enabling them to swing further and for longer when new than the Australian-made Kookaburras. Cricket Australia’s head of operations Peter Roach said that turning back to use of Kookaburra balls was the right move at these tough times.

“The introduction of the Dukes ball has been a worthwhile exercise, particularly in the lead-up to overseas Ashes series where the Dukes is used so well by our English opponents,” he said.

“We have been happy with how the ball has performed when used in Australian conditions over the past four seasons. 

“We do, however, feel that reverting to one ball for 2020-21 will provide the consistent examination of our players over a full season that (Cricket Australia) and the states are presently seeking,” he added.  

While the England team continues to use Dukes balls, the Kookaburra I used for Test matches in many other parts of the world & mostly in limited-overs cricket. Roach said that Cricket Australia could consider reintroducing Dukes balls closer to the next Ashes series in England, which is due to take place in 2023.