BCCI Vice-President Mahim Verma resigns from his post!

Mahim Verma

The BCCI vice-president Mahim Verma has resigned from his prestigious post. He has submitted his resignation to the CEO of the BCCI body Rahul Johri after being elected as the secretary for his state cricket association in Uttarakhand. Mahim Verma had fought the state body elections last month and came to power.

According to the rule of the BCCI body, a person is not allowed to hold two positions simultaneously at the state level or center level. Speaking to media, Verma said, “I needed to take care of my state association as its proceedings are not being run smoothly. I have sent my resignation to the CEO of BCCI, Mr. Rahul Johri. I am sure that it will be accepted as senior office bearers are constantly in touch with him”.

The outgoing Vice-President felt that the state association of Uttarakhand is in very bad condition and he had to take up a senior position there to get it back to normalcy. “I have already told about my compulsions to the secretary, Mr. Jay Shah. If I hadn’t gone back and taken the charge of the State Association then the state body would have been in a severe mess. That’s the reason I contested the election”, Mr. Mahim Verma added.

However looking at the current situation of the country, it would be very difficult to conduct a Special General Meeting which should be called within 45 days after the post got vacant.

Talking about the same, a senior BCCI official said to media, “We are undergoing the second lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. So how can we even think of having a Special General Meeting in the next 45 days? Obviously, the vacancy of the post will be filled as per the norms of the constitution but only after the things get normal”. Moreover, there is no clarity about the candidates who are applying for the post of the vice-president of BCCI.

Let’s hope that things get back to normalcy and the situation of the Uttarakhand State Association gets improved as soon as possible.


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