Ben Stokes said he ‘Never Said India lost to England deliberately!’

Sikander Bakht

Recently Former Pakistan Cricketer, Sikander Bakht claimed that Ben Stokes has mentioned in his book that India had deliberately lost to England in the World Cup last year so that Pakistan can be knocked out of the tournament.

But Ben Stokes has clarified that he never said that India lost to England deliberately during the 2019 World Cup & terms the Ex-Pakistan Cricketer’s claims as false. Ben Stokes’s comments came right after former Pakistan Cricketer Sikander Bakht on Thursday claimed that the all-rounder Stokes has mentioned in his book that India had lost to England purposefully to knock Pakistan out of the tournament. He also shared an old video of Stokes pointing out the same on Twitter.

Taking to Twitter, Stokes clarified Sikander Bakht’s comments & wrote, “You won’t find it cause I have never said it… it’s called “twisting of words” or “clickbait”.”

In that particular match of India against England in Birmingham India failed to meet the massive target of 338 runs & fell short of 31 runs as a result they got defeated by England. That was the single match that team India lost before India lost the Premier Semifinals against New Zealand.

India was criticized for his chasing approach towards a massive target in view of wicket-keeper batsman MS.Dhoni. England became the Champions of World Cup 2019 by beating New Zealand in a dramatic final at Lord’s & lifted Maiden World Cup title since the inception of the competition.

Ben Stokes’s upcoming book “On Fire” will analyze each of England’s games in the World Cup in depth.