Bravo’s fans go gaga over his new song on COVID-19!

Bravo's Fans go Gaga over his new song on COVID-19!

Amidst all the chaos created due to Coronavirus Pandemic, DJ Bravo released his new song to appeal to people to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic by taking all the necessary precautions directed by the Government.

West Indies star player Dwayne Bravo has launched his new song to boost the confidence and spirit of the people. Taking to his Instagram handle Bravo launched a brand new song on the COVID-19 Pandemic which has taken thousands of lives across the globe. Bravo shared his new song with a caption, “We are no giving up, on this deadly Outbreak due to Pandemic my heartful prayers to all the people around the world! Let’s fight together with COVID-19. A positive song during the outbreak of COVID-19, Bravo shared his three minutes-31 seconds long song with the above-mentioned caption.

In the song the all-rounder cricketer appeals to people to fight against Coronavirus by taking all crucial precautions like washing hands at regular intervals, staying at home and follow social distancing.

Earlier New Zealand spinner bowler Ish Sodhi also came out with the latest technique to tell people to isolate themselves amidst Coronavirus Pandemic. Sodi’s Indian Premier League team Rajasthan royal tweeted a video where Sodhi sang a few rap verses on deadly COVID-19 Pandemic, in the rap he asked the people to stay indoors

His song goes as, “Coronavirus please don’t get to me. I still get cricket to play. I know what COVID-19 is, I am very much tired of hearing your name on the TV screen”. India skipper also appealed to the people to stay safe from coronavirus by following strictly the guidelines directed by the Government and medical experts.

On twitter, the Indian Cricket team captain wrote, “Hello, I am Virat Kohli. I am talking to you not as an Indian team player but as a citizen of the country. What I am noticing from the last few days are people moving in groups from one place to another by not adhering to the curfew rules not following any guidelines of the stringent lockdown this indicates that we are not taking the fight against COVID-19. He urged people to follow the expert’s guidelines and not to go out in groups and break the lockdown rules as this is against the wellbeing of the country, Jai-Hind”.

India has been observing a 21 days lockdown from March 25 to April 14th to fight with deadly Coronavirus Pandemic.


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