Breaking News! Umar Akmal’s Ban is reduced by 18 Months


Pakistan’s batsman Umar Akmal was subjected to a three year ban from all forms of cricket after he failed to report a match-fixing approach on Wednesday. However there is a big relief for Akmal as his three years ban is reduced to 18 months after he appealed for a reduction of his ban tenure.

As Akmal’s ban tenure is reduced to 18 month he can now resume playing cricket in the month of August next year. Former Pakistan Supreme Court judge & independent adjudicator Faqir Mohammad Khokhar announced his decision on Wednesday which has been reserved two weeks ago after a court hearing in Lahore which was attended by Akmal along with his lawyer. Umar Akmal was found guilty in the month of April as he failed to report two match-fixing approaches & received a three-year ban for his offence which was imposed from February 20.

PCB’s anti-corruption code states that the players must report all the corrupt approaches to the concerned authorities. Despite the reduction in punishment Akmal still complaints that he has been not treated fairly by the court & is unsatisfied with the decision.

“I am still not satisfied because other players got less punishment on the same charge,” Umar told media, referring to a one-year ban (six months suspended) handed to fast bowler Mohammad Irfan in 2017.

Irfan had contested the charge of failing to report & was given an “agreed sanction”. Speaking about the same Akmal said, “I will consult my lawyers and then try to get it reduced further”. Umar Akmal has made a spectacular Test Debut in 2009 when he scored a hundred in New Zealand but then Akmal’s career came to a standstill after his this year’s ban controversy.

Previously also Akmal got trapped in various controversies due to his rigid behavior. In 2014 Akmal was arrested in 2014 after a fight with a traffic Police in Lahore. After this incident he was banned for three matches & was also fined for a quarrel with Pakistan’s head coach Mikey Arthur in 2017.