Buaksib- Fantasy Cricket App| Perks of Playing on Fantasy Cricket App


Buaksib- Fantasy Cricket App| Perks of Playing on Fantasy Cricket App

The rise of fantasy cricket apps can be attributed to the popularity associated with them around the world. Apps such as Dream11, MyTeam11, Buaksib, and My11Circle have gained immense popularity wherein millions of participants contribute a small share of funds in hopes of winning the jackpot prize. Although popular throughout the year, the fantasy cricket app gains even more attention during exciting tournaments such as the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League.

What is Fantasy Cricket App?

Fantasy cricket is a point-based ‘fantasy’ game that allows participants to select 11 players from the 2 teams pitted against each other. However, the participant must select 11 players in the funds made available adding an extra challenge to the world of fantasy cricket. The fantasy cricket app is a skill-based gaming platform where you can make money by playing.

A fantasy cricket app enriches your passion for the cricketing sport and engages you in a riveting live experience through virtual contests. The fantasy cricket app has been the latest revolution and an eccentric delight to every cricket fanatic.

Fantasy cricket app such as Buaksib allows users to win prize money if the team scores enough points. What’s interesting about this app is that whenever you log in to Buaksib after signing up you earn ‘daily check-in bonus coins’ with each passing day. The users even earn 10 bonus coins in addition to 50 Rs cash on signing up at the ‘Buaksib App’. Daily log-in rewards make fantasy cricket apps like Buaksib the go-to ones.

How is Fantasy Cricket Played?

Fantasy cricket can be played through a Fantasy cricket app. Fantasy cricket apps are freely available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphones. You can simply log into a fantasy cricket app, register yourself and enjoy playing contests of your choice.

Fantasy cricket is easy to play yet hard to master game where participants select 11 of the 22 participating players who they think will have a good game and score the user points. The catch here is; the participants will have limited funds to build the team with encouraging competitive spirit. Participants can also join free leagues with no prizes to hone their skills. One of the best Fantasy Cricket App in the market, Buaksib is available on the Play Store and App Store in the form of an easy-to-download application.

Why Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is one of the fastest developing traditions in the current generation. Almost every cricket lover indulges in fantasy cricket to gain real-time game experience by playing an online contest & earning hassle-free cash rewards. The exciting feature of Fantasy cricket whereby users could earn money by utilizing their analytical skills has grabbed the eyeballs of thousands of ‘cricket gyani’s’ across the world. With the rapidly on-setting ritual, the Fantasy cricket app is getting tremendous responses from the overwhelming user base. Participating in Fantasy Cricket leagues through the fantasy cricket app allows passionate fans from all over the world to participate in their favorite sport & even earn bonanza cash prizes It encourages a competitive spirit and helps users build their personal, dream cricket team.

 Buaksib- The Best Fantasy Cricket App of its Kind

The new entrant in the Fantasy Sports Market, Buaksib is the fastest growing Fantasy Cricket app in the Indian Market. Buaksib offers fantasy contests in cricket as well as football. Players can indulge in live fantasy sports to compete with millions of active users and win exciting cash rewards. Just signup on Buaksib, enter a contest, make your perfect team of 11 & dive into the pool of exciting prizes & bonuses. Buaksib offers endless benefits to ensure that users have a positive and fun experience while building their fantasy team and participating in different leagues.

Perks of Playing on the Fantasy Cricket App- Buaksib

  • Rs 50 Cash Bonus on Signup

Users will receive Rs 50 cash & 10 bonus coins on signing up to the ‘Buaksib App’ that the user can use to participate in contests.

  • 10 Point Bonus

New users will be able to enjoy a whole 10-point bonus for their first participation giving them an edge over more experienced opponents in a bid to match the skill levels.

  • Daily Log-in Bonus

To reward returning users, Buaksib ensures the users receive daily log-in bonus coins with each passing day. The bonus is given in the following pattern- 10 coins one day, 20 coins on day 2, 30 coins on day 3, 50 coins on Day 4, 100 coins on Day 5 & 200 coins on Day 6. The users could redeem these coins into cash & use them while playing contests of their choice.

  • Cash & free Contests

It provides its users an opportunity to choose from a variety of contests/ betting pools daily. There are free & cash contests that users can join. Cash contests help you to win instant cash prizes and require an entry fee. So if you want to earn big opt for cash contests & if you are a fresher & first want to understand the tactics of the game go for free contests.

  • Earn through their unique Referral Program

Buaksib provides its users a chance to earn bonus points through its referral feature. When a user’s friend signup, the user & his friend both will earn Rs 100 & when a user’s friend deposits money in the App the user will get 1% of his/her friend’s deposited cash. The app also provides referral bonus coins to the users on the 5th, 10th & 15th referral.

  • A pool of contests

Buaksib offers an array of contests to its users where they can join a contest based on the amount they want to deposit & the amount they want to earn. Users can enter a contest even by depositing 5-10 Rs, a feature that is not available on other Fantasy sports apps. Buaksib allows its users to earn money even by depositing less amount of money.

  • Changes to Playing XI

One distinct feature of the ‘Buaksib App’ is that even after entering contests & choosing the ‘Playing XI’ users could change their team minutes before the beginning of the game. The users can also enter a single contest with multiple virtual teams which helps them to win big.

  • Safety

Buaksib ensures you and your account are safe. Only you will know your attached account details and that withdrawals can be carried out anywhere, anytime.

Some tips to start Playing on the fantasy cricket app- Buaksib:

To start playing on Buaksib, register yourself with the app and log in with your device through OTP.

  • Firstly, select the match you want to participate in.
  • Enter one of the many contests available.
  • Create your virtual team and customize it according to your strategy.
  • Enter into a contest by adding money and tracking your team’s progress.
  • At the end of the match, the result will be displayed. Withdraw your money instantly if you stand a winner.

Are Fantasy Cricket Apps Legal in India?

Playing on the Fantasy Cricket app is legal in India. Just signup on Buaksib, enter a contest & earn big cash prizes. No doubt myriad pool of prizes & distinct features makes Buaksib the best fantasy cricket app in the market.

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