“Bumrah should not exhaust himself by playing in the English County”, feels Wasim Akram!


Wasim Akram believes that an outstanding bowler like Jasprit Bumrah shouldn’t exhaust himself by playing in the English County as he is already playing three formats of International Cricket which requires quite a focus & energy.

Legendary cricketer Wasim Akram believes that an exceptional bowler like Bumrah shouldn’t exhaust himself by playing in the English county as he is already been active in all three formats of International Cricket. It is the fact that Bumrah to date has not played county cricket as he is one of the biggest players of IPL which has an exhausting schedule.

“Cricket has become too much today. A bowler like Bumrah who is India’s No.1 bowler, I would seriously suggest hm relax & not run after county cricket. Young players should play more of first-class cricket from which they will learn bowling”, Akram said. However, Test cricket is the ultimate format for the ‘Sultan of Swing’ bowling.

“T20 is amazing, good entertainment & there is plenty of money involved in it and I am all in for the importance of money in a sport & the players”, said Akram who is regarded as one of the greatest left-arm pacers of cricket that has ever produced told Aakash Chopra on his youTube Channel.

Players won’t learn bowling from T20, I personally don’t judge a player by their T20 performance. I judge them from their performances in Longer format of cricket”.

Wasim Akram also recalled his initial days as a Pakistan Cricketer, he said that he absolutely had no clue about his talent. “When I came in the team as a youngster I used to listen to Imran (Khan)bhai, Javed (Miandad) bhai, Mudassar Nazar that this kid has great talent but at that time I didn’t understand what they are trying to say”.

“Then I asked Imran Khan and he said your pace is deceptive & swing the ball, you should work on these skills and then I started to work on those areas”, said Wasim Akram. “Nothing comes easy was one advice which I learned from all these three players all though their ways were quite different. As a bowler, our job is to create lots of doubts in the minds of the batsmen & I really enjoyed the tag that I am talented”, added Akram.


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