Chahal pours love for MS. Dhoni on Sakshi’s Instagram Live Chat!


Recently Sakshi Dhoni, wife of MS. Dhoni was on Instagram live chat on Sunday to interact with Rupha Ramani & Yuzvendra Chahal didn’t leave this opportunity & showered love for the former Indian Captain with adorable messages on Sakshi’s live chat.

Chahal is quite active on Instagram & never leaves a chance to entertain his fans with funny posts & comments on someone else’s post. On Sunday when MS. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi did an Instagram live chat with Rupha Ramani on CSK’s handle, Chahal made frequent appearances with loveable messages for the former India Captain. “Mahanadhi Shankar for #Thala Ajith, @yuzi_chahal23 for #Thala Dhoni! #WhatteyFan,” CSK captioned the screenshot of Yuzvendra Chahal’s comments on Sakshi Dhoni’s live chat.

Chahal wrote ‘Thalla’, ‘Thalla one more time’, ‘Mahi, Mahi…’ and ‘CSK + emotions = Mahi Bhai (Thalla)’ in the comments section. He also asked about MS. Dhoni whereabouts & commented, “Hello bhabhi where is Mahi Bhai?”

During the Instagram chat, Sakshi talked about her tweet that put a full stop to the rumors regarding MS. Dhoni’s retirement. Recently #DhoniRetires started trending on Twitter this doesn’t go well with Dhoni’s wife. Sakshi cleared the news about MS. Dhoni retirement with a tweet that said that the lockdown had made people “mentally unstable”.

“It’s only rumors! I understand Lockdown has made people mentally unstable! #DhoniRetires Get a life,” read her tweet, however, Sakshi deleted the tweet later. Sakshi by opening about the tweet in an Instagram chat said that he got the news about the hashtag from one of her close friends & so she decided to put the rumors on rest by tweeting.

“One of my friends messaged me asked me what is going on? That hashtag (#DhoniRetires) has been trending since the afternoon. I was like what is it, then I don’t know something happened to me and it happened (the tweet) I deleted it, but the job was done, the message was put out,” she said.

Talking about the life in lockdown Sakshi also revealed the different things Dhoni has been doing during the coronavirus enforced lockdown. She said that Dhoni has collected about seven bikes.